My FP2: 6 years and counting

My Fairphone 2 is running on Murena Q stable version.

You can find stable versions for the Fairphone 2 on Murena (was /e) on Mind you this is for Fastboot

The versions for adb sideload on (see the “url:” lines).

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Why only two? @mal still keeps SFOS up to date on the FP2. Still using it as my daily driver.

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Thanks so much!! :two_hearts:
…and still using the transparent cover. It has some cracks, and missing edges as well, also the FAIRPHONE letters fell off, one after the other - but it still covers, yeay! :muscle: And guess which color case I chose for FP5 :joy: :joy:


Checked in at the Forum for advice before I give my 2017 FP2 the new OpenOS 23.02 update.
Guess I should also claim my six years badge.
Pretty confident I’ll get to 7 (Jan 2024) and I remain hopeful for 8.
No problems to report that would make me choose anything other than an FP next time. I get occasional random reboots, none for weeks then a day with several. Makes me wonder about the SIM contacts. Battery life still fantastic, with of course instant swap thanks to the spare I own.


Happy owner of a FP2 since 3 November 2017 using Fairphone OpenOS, then Sailfish, then LineageOS for microG.
In between my daughter had the FP2 and I was enjoying playing around with a new FP3 (LineageOS for microG), whilst testing /e/ on a FP3+ for my son.
As of 2021 I got my first FP2 back from my daughter who now uses the FP3, and I am still happy with it, knowing its shortcomings. I like the smaller size (than the FP3).
So only 6 years and counting, but it looks good for reaching the next anniversary as well.


I’ve moved your post here as I think it’s rather where it belongs to. Anyway - congrats for using it so long :+1: - and hopefully you’ll be able to post again into the 7 years topic in about 11 months! :slight_smile:

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I also just noticed that I made it to 6 years a while ago. Not sure I will make it to 7 as I got a Pine Phone Pro and I am in the progress of migrating over. However, so far my FP2 is still my main device while I get familiar with the new one.