Microphone makes only a crackling noise in the beginning when recording

Hello everyone!
I tried to ignore this issue now for a while and hoped, this will be fixed by a system update, but now it starts really to bother. My microphones (#1 and #2) only makes a crackling noise in the beginning and then it is silent. This happens in all messengers, as well as when someone is calling and also at the hardware test.

The fix i found is to plug in a headset. With this, everything works again. I am using a FP3+ with Android 13 (Build number 6.A.028.1).

Could somebody help please? O:-) Thanks in advance!


I have FP3 and that has never happened to me. Is it a hardware or software problem?

If it’s hardware, maybe disassembling the phone (cleaning contacts) and reassembling it, or at least the modules with the microphones, could help. If you do that and the problem persist, maybe you have a friend with an FP3(+) or a fairphoneangel near you who can lend you a microphone module to test if it works well with it.

If it’s software… does it happen in all applications? I understand that yes, since you say that you have performed the service tests. Maybe a factory reset might work (after making sure you have a backup of ALL files and information you want to keep).

I can’t think of much else…



So I actually changed the microphone module. I hoped that this would fix it since then I’d know the problem, but unfortunally it still persists.
Yes, as said it is in all applications, only adding a headphone by cinch solves that. But I don’t always have a headphone on me when the phone rings outside. Making a factory reset is annoying, but it seems like there is nothing else I can try…

Since this is affecting both mics then likely software origin.
Since avoided when using the 3.5 mm headset you’re likely looking for something like noise reduction or some other filter. Check your audio options.

What I find a bit strange is that the hardware check is affected, so you’re looking for something fairly low-level and pretty much system-wide. Which makes me wonder whether a factory reset (misnamed by the way) is going to help.

Did you contact FP support about this?

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Hi all, I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem. I am in the exact same situation as described. Like @RastaTux I just changed the bottom module and it did not change anything. I also updated my system (/e/OS v2.1, based on Android 13) and saw no improvements. I wish I could give you a solution, but unfortunately I haven’t found anything either. At least we’re not alone!

Hello everyone. I can tell now that even a Factory reset did not help. So neither a Factory reset, nor changing the hardware of the bottom module helped out.

The support from Fairphone itself was not that helpful and even when I said i already did a mic test and its on the newest update, thats what they proposed to me. :-/

I really don’t know what to try next…

Yes, that is what I rather feared.

Continue talking with FP support. If they can’t think of a suitable solution, they’ll have to take the phone back for repair, I would think.

The FP3 being out of warranty I assume,.hardware of 1 mic already changed, and the fact Cordon does not repair and only changes modules and the core module (too) expensive, I would not consider sending it to cordon at my own costs…

Good point.

Right now, one thing I can think of, is to find a helpful FP3 owner and try swapping modules, one-by-one. I fear this may be a fault with the core module, though.
Label all modules on removal so you can keep track of which module comes from which phone.

Is there a Fairphone angel in your area, @RastaTux ? If so, they may be able to help in some way.

One other thing you can try first, just on the “off chance”, but worth it none the less I think, would be to remove all the modules and give all internal contacts a good clean with cotton buds soaked in isopropanol or surgical-grade 90° alcohol. Allow all parts to dry 1h before reassembling.
Ifixit teardown here. You probably won’t need to go beyond step 7 for cleaning (and obviously no further for swapping).

Take care not to strip screws. Moderate tightening is sufficient.

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