✏ List of compatible micro SD / SDXC cards for FP5


  • This wiki is just a list by FP5-users.
  • It is there to share experience with MicroSD cards.
  • It is nothing official by Fairphone.
  • Fairphone does not sell any of these cards.

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Which MicroSD cards do work and which do not? Fairphone does not have the capacity to test MicroSD cards and is not in a position to endorse the use of brands or types of cards. So I hope that the community can help to make a nice list of good MicroSD cards.

Attention!!! → Format SD-cards as external storage

You can format/use SD cards as internal storage (extension of the phone storage) or as external storage.
You will find some explanation on the support page; including pros and cons; and in this forum wiki: “Guide to using SD-cards”
Still, I would strongly advise, to use it as external storage only. If it’s internal storage and breaks, the phone will become unusable. You can’t just change the card for a larger one, should you need more storage or should you wish to play different music, stored on another card. And - finally and most important - the internal storage often leads to trouble on the FP5.
Be aware, though, that also external storage has been reported to cause trouble, see here: SD card problems although formatted as portable storage

This is a wiki, so please edit it with the green pencil above to add your SD card and FP5 experiences. It would be best to keep an alphabetical order; so feel free to add your entry in the middle of an existing list.

General Advice when looking for a FP5 micro SD-card

Here is the offical Fairphone support page for installing a Micro SD card.

It is advised to re-format your SD card directly from your phone.
You find the how-to on the support page.

Example for an Entry:

  • XYC CARD x-tra 64Gb (speed warning when used as internal memory, measured read speed 40-50MB/s as external memory)

Fully functional SD-cards

Fairphone OS (Android 13)

  • SanDisk Ultra 1000 GB, formatted as external/portable storage (in other device), worked fine after initial lengthy background system (Media Storage) scan that lasted 3+ hours (700+ GB used), used two thirds of a battery charge and notably heated up the device. Scan apparently restarted after FP5 disassembly and reboot (reported to Fairphone Support)
  • SAMSUNG PRO Plus 512GB, model MB-MD512KB/WW (The one with highspeed USB-A adapter included), formatted as external/portable storage by the FP5. Works fine with a big music and ebooks library of 12500+ songs and countless books, 416GB used. Copying all these files from my Linux PC using GNOME Files over MTP can fail part way so it has to be resumed but this has been true for all phones I’ve owned and I’m blaming MTP for this. In the Fairphone 5 it’s been working great and is stable.

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SD-cards, you experienced problems with

Fairphone OS (Android 13)

Lineage OS (please add the version; next to your experience)

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