LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2

New OTA update available from the official lineageos repo’s and the brightness bug fixed! It has the date 20170730.

Forgot to add the OTA url, so starting a new build now, which will become available in a few hours with date 20170731. If you already updated to 20170730, please flash manually through TWRP. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Just tried to install the latest build. It gets downloaded and then says: Damaged or insecure build and does not get installed.

Update: A Restart did the trick.

For me the restart didn’t help… I caught the zip file, this is ok, zip does work… Something else?

You can always use TWRP to flash the latest zip :slight_smile:

Update from 31.07 works OTA without problems for me :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

Also put a new modem zip (SHA512) on the buildserver. When you have strange behavior with SIMs / reception / networking or other radio-related stuff, you can update manually through TWRP.

Here is what’s changed:

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I have released a test build of my flashable zip for installing microG with live setup here.
It allow to choose between Google Play Store and FakeStore.

The thread is here.

If I use OpenGapps, do I have to reflash them with every Lineage OS update ?

No, you don’t have to.

Nope, it keeps it present due to a addon.d script openGapps adds as well.

New OTA build available with a fix to get the microphone working in Skype (for business) and some code cleanup. Builddate: 20170803


There have been a couple of updates recently but I don’t know what changed.
Where can I find the changelog?

This one is merged now @snevas would you please trigger a new build.

Building :slight_smile: please test the after it has finished. See
progress here:

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Thanks for the testbuild but sadly it didn’t work for me. SIM2 SMS bug is still present on my phone.
@_Chris @oli.sax would you give a try on the testbuild?

You can see the SVN changes to the device tree and the build information here. If you look at the build start date you can trace it back to a release.

I am trying to follow these steps (from a FP2 open OS 17.04)
Flashing OTA fix went (finally) ok
But when I come to flash the and the, my phone always answers “zip signature verification failed” (doesn’t change a thing if I do it queuing the 2 files or step by step).
Does someone have an idea what I could try?

20170609 isn’t a OTA build. Download the latest here:

20170803 is the latest build. This one will flash after the migration zip.

Also disable the verification step checkbox before you flash.

I thought you didnt need the migration zip, as the instructions in the 1st post don’t mention flashing it if coming from FPOS. I didn’t use it when I came from Open Android 5.1 and I can get OTA updates with Lineage.
I’d say that if you follow the instructions in the 1st post under “if coming from any other build” then it should be a ok :slight_smile: