Lineage 17.1 - FP2

I had (probably) the same issue with Magisk disappearing.
I believe the survival addon of Magisk stopped working. Usually, Magisk installs a small script that is executed when you update the system and reapplies the patch to the new boot image.
For some reason this stopped working (probably since the last two builds).
Therefore you need to re-patch (or reinstall) Magisk everytime you update the system.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix the survival addon?


Now I have flashed Magisk anew without uninstalling anything before. All went well an all works as it does before I did the LOS update without the need to reconfigure anything.

Thanks for your help!


Chris, you have contributed so much good to the community, we really love you. I can confirm, too, that the latest build works like a charm. Thank you so much, mate!


For me it works for the last update without any problems.

Could you provide more details? How exactly did you install the patch? (sha1sum of “/vendor/bin/netmgrd” should be “6d953fa4d4614ff6a56db9b7078be343da093e44” as changed in upstream) Are you on lineage-17.1-20210129-nightly? Do you really have an 4G Symbol instead of LTE, haven’t noticed it yet on my phone. Otherwise something special about your phone installation?

Don’t worry any more about manual patch install. Just upgrade to current lineage.



I did this:

System is Lineage_FP2_userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 32baeb8e0f
Yes realy 4G

As Chris @chrmhoffmann already stated above could you update to the current lineage and report if the problem persists? If yes, we would need a logcat with errors related to netmgrd.

Note: As far as I understand, there could be different behaviour if you install the latest official modem files provided from fairphone here after the lineageos install, but I think that this would be out of scope of lineageos and there surely will be other incompatibilities.

@chrmhoffmann , was the previous netmgrd binary from official fairphone A6 blobs?
Because I am using the one from that and did not notice this issue. Have been using it from quite a few days.

The latest official Android for the FP2 is 7.

But the blobs package is from A6.

I can confirm that the 20210129-nightly update of LOS 17.1 fixed my 4G connection issues! Thanks a lot @ everyone involved in solving this!


Thanks, so far it is OK, without latest official modem files.

Note: this modem zip isn’t provided by Fairphone and isn’t official but was pulled by the community from each latest FPOS release.
As the last update of the modem files was with the last update of A6, i.e more than two years ago, and LOS should already contain this latest version if you had a FPO(O)S version installed before installing LOS which was higher or equal to the latest A6 FPO(O)S, you already have the latest version of the modem files, and there isn’t any reason for which flashing the latest zip should change anything.

Edit: Corrected my statements, thanks to @chrmhoffmann for the correction


Lineage does NOT contain any modem files.



Right, I edited my post accordingly.

@Alex.A @chrmhoffmann thanks for the clarification, didn’t understand that correctly

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Hi, the LTE connection is coming back reliably again on my phone as well. Yet I have another problem now. Since it seemed a little too much to put it in here, I created a separate topic for it, yet I’ll leave a link here, just in case it’s acutally related to LOS:

Any help/thoughts/input is appreciated. :wink:

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I just recently switched from LOS 16 to LOS 17.1, so I am almost late to the party.
The upgrade worked well, big thanks to the developers and everyone who contributed to the release. :heart: