It is coming (Android 6 launch event)

We are very excited to share with you that we are close to releasing a major software upgrade for the Fairphone 2: Android 6. This upgrade will offer Fairphone owners better security, longer battery life and improved functionality, to name just a few of the advantages. Yesterday we have published a blog to inform our community that this upgrade will be available soon and explain what it means for their experience with the Fairphone 2.

Early Access
This week we are inviting our community to our office in Amsterdam for a small breakfast event and early access to the upgrade by receiving it straight from the Fairphone wifi network. This informal event will provide an opportunity to preview Android 6 on the Fairphone 2 before the official release. Our CTO Olivier Hebert and our Software Team will be there to present the upgrade and answer questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you! We thought it is a good occasion to give you an update and an opportunity to be among first to review our Android 6 upgrade.

Event details:
Date: 11th of April 8:30-10am
Where: Fairphone HQ, Jollemanhof 17, 1019 GW. Amsterdam Netherlands

Registration is required. Please go here to let us know if you will join


For old farts like me, the opening guitar riffs immediately evoke ABBA’s “Waterloo” to me … I am sure this must be a good omen (after all, that one won them the ESC 1974) :wink:

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I have just seen the event created on Facebook and even though I wasn’t one of the people longing for an Android update, it is nice that Fairphone can make the next step now and by this also eliminate a reason that still keeps a lot f people from buying a Fairphone.
The breakfast sounds like an interesting event, sadly I have university that day and couldn’t make it from Den Haag to Amsterdam in time. But great idea!

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Facebook also notified me about an event “near me” - I have just signed up, my employer understands that I want to be there so I can go to work after the Android 6 launch that day.


Too bad I live in Austria :frowning:

Congratulations to Fairphone, just upgrade instead of having to buy a new phone! :birthday::sparkler::clap:
On this event I will pass. Enjoy your meal and have fun with Android 6.
I never can make it early in the morning and I have no Fairphone OS on my Fairphone.
Please organise something similar on an afternoon when Fairphone Open is ready to go to Android 6 :wink:


Wow, it’s like Christmas in April! :tada:
I do hope Marshmallow Open comes in April too. :slight_smile:


Don’t hope too much. I think it will be May. But April FPOpen update will come.


On 11th of April is just the early access? But I want it now… :smiley:

Living in Germany and can’t participate, but sounds like a fun event nevertheless :slight_smile:


They should do those things in Vienna… :sunglasses:

PS.: Anyone else thinking that this topic should be in #community ? :slight_smile:


Anyone else thinking this belongs at https://www.fairphone.com/en/community/events/ ? :angel:
I hope @Douwe submits it, I’m sure @Douwe will authorize it.


So excited to upgrade to Android 6 ! Looking forward the open OS version !


I agree. So why wait? Why the early access phase? I appreciate the local breakfast event, but early access for some locals sounds like something elitary. How long will be this “early access phase”? When is the release date for the “normal” crowd?

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Don’t worry and be glad instead, folks outside of Amsterdam. It’s a human testing and no one has promised yet that attendees will ever be seen again. :wink:


All Fairphones are solely tested on humans and not an animals. :wink:


Yessss! Another security related update for Fairphone Open OS ! I am thrilled to hear the news that we’re getting the Android 6 upgrade soon :joy:


Soo… how was it? :wink:


Can’t imagine, that nobody was there, but I neither can imagine, that notbody would report instantely from there…or they are still there and very busy with playing around?