Android 6.0 and Fairphone Open

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I am currently using the Standard Fairphone OS, but would like to try FP Open OS. Now there is going to be this update on Android 6.0 for the standard OS. Can anyone explain to me, which Android Version does the Open OS correspond to, and will there also be an update to Android 6?


According to Fairphone’s Douwe, Open OS will be upgraded to Android 6 as well, but not before May. Until then it stays on an up-to-date Android 5.1.


Thank you, this is helpful!

Any news on Android 6 update for Open OS ?

No news, just a re-stating that it’ll come in May here: Fairphone Open 17.04.0 is now available


Not much time left :slight_smile:
I think it’s very unfortunate that FP Open again is at the end of a looong pipeline… Last FP Open, as far as i know, is 17.04. Probably the security patches for June are five days away, so a 17.05 wouldn’t make much sense… And Android 6 Open?


This is not only unfortunate, it also generates problems: Switching between Fairphone open/closed OS requires that there is a corresponding version of the other OS, at least last time I tried it. Which means it’s not currently possible for FP OS (Android 6) users to switch to FP Open OS (at least not easily, through the updater). Delaying updates also leaves FP OOS longer than necessary (even though it’s still way way better than most other vendor’s update cycles). I wish FP could streamline their build and release process so that both open and closed can be released simultaneously.


May has passed… :worried:

Yep, as mentioned @Douwe :

Again, there, I really miss some information from the Fairphone team regarding the Android 6 port to FP2 OOS…

I know how this kind of work is, and I would not expect a fixed date / deadline regarding the release date, but at least have some statement : “hey people, we had trouble working on <insert subject here>, but we are still looking forward to deliver it ASAP !”

I mean, now we are one Android 6 version behind FPOS users (17.05.2 was released on the 23rd of May), and I’m afraid the delay will increase more and more … As the dev teams are now working on the next version, they also will have to port 17.05.2 to FPOOS …

Without pushing on the dev team, I’d really like to have an answer from a FP team member. It doesn’t have to be official though, a personal point of view will do !

Thanks in advance, we believe in you :clap: !


I don’t think so. The first Android 5 Open OS also took a while to port but then the security updates and bug fixes were just a few weeks behind. It’s probably the same with Android 6. I expect once Open Android 6 is here it will always only be a few weeks behind.

The devs are not known to be active on the forum much and @Douwe is on leave right now, so I wouldn’t expect any official answers this time.


May has passed. But:


Well, there’s a beta version of Android 6 for Fairphone Open now - hopefully there won’t be too many issues.
Good luck to the beta testers! Also, if anyone wants to help test, see here.


Still no news here?
For about a month now I am looking every day after work in the forum and updater with the hope that today the new version has been released and every day there is no update and not even a announcement when is will come.

For explanation why I am so impatient, my battery drains very quickly since the last update and I decided to do nothing about it because I thought android 6 will come soon

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Most of it ended up here:

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That is exactly my situation, too :frowning:

No customer information, quite usual with Fairphone, I have learned!

… If you are impatient and want early access to new software versions, you might want to consider signing up for the beta program :slight_smile:

The long waited update to Android 6 for Fairphone Open is just released.