April 2017 Android update from Google, 102 issues fixed, already incorporated into FP2 Android6 rollout?

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speaking about 102 issues and holes fixed in april 2017 Android release. As FP2 is getting Android6 now, what fix level are you rolling out, or are we gonna get the April 2017 update level later this month right after the Android6 rollout for FP2?


The current Android 6 beta build (which I guess is the version that will be released soon) is at the latest patch level. Here is a snippet of the changelog for the current build:

Security fixes (Android Public Security Bulletin from April, 2017-04-05 security patch level)


I suppose we will see this Android6 rollout similar to the Android5 monthly patches for FP2 from FP around the 20th of the month, as during the past months the software monthly updates were pushed out around that date every month. Am I wrong? Instead of April 2017 for Android 5 (.1?) we will see the April 2017 with Android6 upgrade.

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As far as I understood it, they will release it on April 11 at their event in Amsterdam, altough it might take a few more days until everyone can upgrade. Fairphone Open OS (the G$%gle free version) will be released some time in May, according to douwe.

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