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in case you have not seen this yet:

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Restart Radio podcast featuring a chat with London repair center T-Fix:

It’s a best-practice example of the services a repair center should provide. I wish every Fairphoner could benefit of such a repair center.

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Find out what the UN is doing about sustainability in the mining sector.

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Hey there, i wrote another article about my time with the Fairphone for a befriended blogger. It is a bit of a little sad farewell story since i dont own the phone anymore. But i hope it is fair and objective. It is written in german, since mothertongue an all.
Please feel free to comment if you disagree…


[quote]auf der offiziellen Seite von Fairphone […] kann man mit einigen Monaten Lieferzeit rechnen.
Woran liegt das? Ich kann da nur mutmaßen bzw. die wenigen offiziellen Verlautbarungen im Forum wiedergeben. Dort heißt es in der Regel: „It’s the supply chain, stupid!“[/quote]
Bold by me.

Haha, I love this paragraph! :joy:

Regarding the FP2 mainboard / core module: It’s not even been for sale for a while…

Another thing: I couldn’t find a reference to this sentence about a possible Fairphone 3:

Es soll ein […] Projekt mit eventuell kürzerer Supportdauer werden.

Could you explain to me, what you mean by this?

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Hi Stefan, thank you. I really tried hard not to bash the phone since i still have a lot of love for the project and the community.

The core module is on sale for 320 Euros on vireo.de.

The shorter support span for the not even remotely on the horizon Fairphone3 was a wild guess based on the low-end-specs and price which were mentioned in the interview and some math. Some users also speculated in the thread here about that. But i hope i made clear with “evtl.” that is not a fact. It may well be fake-news some day…:wink:


I think you achieved this goal very well! :slight_smile:


I strongly advice you to read this excellent book (in french) :

The article is about insurance companies exclude smartphone from home insurance by excessive claims.

The phone shown in the artikel is a Fairphone 2

Posted by @Douwe at Matrix:

German article about the Fairphone 1 containing an interview with Bas.

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Nice Article, but there is a mistake already in the 2nd phrase:

keine Rohstoffe aus Konfliktregionen

“No raw material from conflict areas” - it must be frustrating to be misunderstood in the very first principle of the project.

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Some articles in german:




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In German: Fairphone Team and Bas well be at IFA in Berlin soon. The article teases “Big News” to be disclosed on a Fairphone Press Conference on 31.8.

»Fairphone sei seinem Ziel, eine Bewegung für fairer produzierte Elektronik voranzutreiben, einen bedeutenden Schritt nähergekommen.«

This could be more materials that are sourced fair, a third model or — and that is my guess — an important cooperation with another electronics company that joins Fairphones efforts or is advised by them.


"Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, welcome! We have great news to share with you today:

It is the end of August and, as hinted at earlier, all spare parts for the Fairphone 2 are now back in stock again.

Thank you.
Questions?" :smiley:


Released 29.6.2017:

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Heise online 24.7.2017:

DerStandard 25.7.2017:

Badische Zeitung 11.8.2017:


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