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The online short articles of Bremen’s “Weser-Kurier” made a contribution not only to Fairphone .

Unfortunately they mixed a bit with german’s brand Shift-phones. Especially they mixed up Shift-Phones promise about completely avoiding coltan (I think it is not possible to avoid coltan as it is not possible to avoid tantal completely in smartphones). Because this is only the short version of a big paper sized article on the same day I would like to mention that the paper version on a big newspaper page with details about certification of ressources is much better researched especially while emphasizing Fairphone’s unique role.

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Ein großartiges PDF über die Materialien, die in einem Handy verbaut sind:

http://www.janegoodall.at/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/JGI-A-Handyrecycling-Anatomie-eines-Handys.pdf (1.4 MB)


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Major German magazine/newspaper “Der Spiegel” reporting about Fairphone being offered by network operators:

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Surprise (to me): FP2 in germans biggest consumer test magazine: Stiftung Warentest ! Not so good but no surprise to me the final result: just sufficient , note 3,7 (unsatisfying). German school notes range from 1 very good, to 6: insufficient( very bad). Testers say that this phone is for ‘offenders by conviction’.

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Da wenden sie sich ja ganz schön aus der Affäre… :wink:

Edit: Quelle

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I wish thread openers would all have to read this before posting:

Seen on Twitter via Anita Graser (@underdarkGIS):


Washington post is having a great series on how different parts of your phone are made. This is one of them:


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How long do mobile phone owners keep their old phones at home, and for what reasons? A newly released scientific article looks into the phenomenon of ‘hibernating phones’.

The article, by researchers from the Loughborough University, the University of Surrey and the University of the West of England, is based on a survey filled in by 181 respondents aged 18-25. The researchers found that on average, these users tend to keep their phones ‘in hibernation’ for a longer period than they actually use it (3 years versus 1 year and 11 months on average, respectively). The respondents explained that they tend to use an older model as a secondary phone, for example as a spare in case their newest phone breaks down.

It is important to take this into account for recycling systems. While it is most beneficial from an environmental, economic and technological viewpoint to return a phone after it has been used for about two years, when it still has value, users first need to be convinced to say goodbye to their ‘spare device’. The article proposes an alternative system in which older phones are refurbished and provided as a spare alongside the newly leased or purchased primary phone.


Tomas sent us this interesting article (in german):

It’s possible to change habits … :wink:

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:de: Here an an article and video about the Tin industries in Indonesia.

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Series of articles covering resources and corporations on German online newspaper sueddeutsche:
Schmutzige Geschäfte

Translation of the introduction note:
How big mining corporations destroy the environment.
Progress and growth devour more and more resources. Mining-corporations are earning billions. Who is paying the price?

Unfortunately while sueddeutsche has reported on Fairphone before I haven’t found it mentioned in the texts of that series.

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Down with the upgrade

Modular phones, with easily replaceable parts, are cheap and environmentally friendly. But Mark Harris wonders whether we’ll ever value longevity above the latest model

Read it here: Down with the upgrade


Touching 47 minute program on Bas van Abel’s personal journey from designer to entrepreneur, the growing difficult challenges and the heavy toll it takes. Quite touching, especially towards the final quarter of the video.

P.S.: Opps, just noticing Douwe already mentioned it in the Community Event Materials thread. :angel:


CNN showcases the modular Fairphone 2 at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona today.


Aired today. Not a live program, apparently recorded completely before the MWC.
Clip requires flash (would only play audio on my Mac, video+audio on Windows).

Thanks to @Thomsterdam who spotted the program! :thumbsup:

Or video+audio on a Windows without Flash Player installed. :wink: Flash is so 2015!

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Two articles in “De Standaard” (Balgian newspaper) this weekend. One is an interview with Bas, the other analyses the problems of the electronics industry, and states durable electronics (like the FP) are the future:


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Fairphone shared this link below on FB yesterday.

While most of it won’t be news to the regulars here, I found this quote from Bas van Abel deep in the middle of the text that made me listen up:

“I would say we’re past the startup phase and we’re really scaling the company. We’ve got 70 people already, we’ve got a turnover of around €20M to €30M, we’re going towards break even and profitable this year. So it’s a real company.”

[emphasis added by me]

I have so far felt completely in the dark about the actual financial viability of this whole enterprise, so it was nice to read a small bit of a positive outlook here.


Hello, for those who understand german, i have written an article for a befriended blogger, who runs a highly recommend ITSec and Privacy-Blog. Its basically my experiences with trying to live google-free, that i have already written about here in the forum:

The article mentions the community here as very friendly and helpful, so this is also my thanx to all of you here, reading here helped me a lot. Ah, almost forgot the link: