FairPhone featured in "Horizons" on BBC World

Hey guys/gals,

I was watching “Horizons” on BBC World. It was a programme about the Circular Economy. Although it has a wider scope, part of the programme was about FairPhone and I saw Bas van Abel telling about the philosophy behind FP. Some of the footage was shot in the summer of 2015 during the first FairPhone gettogether in Amsterdam (I was stunned to see myself on TV :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you want to watch it (or record it), it will be repeated on:
Saturday 1:30 hrs.
Sunday 6:30 hrs.
Sunday 13:30 hrs.
Sunday 19:30 hrs.
Monday 10:00 hrs.
(I know that air times may vary from country to country on BBC World.)




I haven’t been able to play it on my Mac (audio only), only on my Windows tablet (video + audio).

Strangely, they mix in some very brief footage of the FP1 as well. The report mentions some “refurbishment plan”.

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