Very poor coverage of MWC 2017

Hi all,
the MWC (Mobile World Conference) is just closing its doors, and Fairphone was here !
They had a booth (Yyaayy), they made conference (yayyy)…and nothing… (ooooohhh)
I mean, the coverage was super poor !

  • I saw some Dutch/Spanish/German news, but pretty much nothing in English (in fine, the ubuntu stand made much more advertising and visibility for the Fairphone than Fairphone itself).
    In French, I found, one (poor) article by "Le parisien le parisien -link, they managed to take the Fairphone 1 image to illustrate it…

  • Even from Fairphone, just 1 forum thread about filming an advertisement, that i didn’t saw until now (you should have pinned it !), and one short blog entry .

It seems that you made some very cool statement about android 6 and new module upgrades, …but we saw nothing !

The MWC is the largest show about phones, and they were tons and tons of article about it, and i was expecting a lot of crunchy news and a better coverage of Fairphone mission…but Fairphone was like a ghost ! (IMO the “internationals” -English- article are much more powerful)
At least, you could have told “us” (i mean, the community) what you were going to announce, or make a lengthy blog post about it :frowning:

What happened ?

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Perhaps you’ll be interested in this:

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Seems like all the other news networks were scared off and didn’t want to interfere with CNN’s interests… :imp:

Our booth, side events, one-on-one interviews, press conference and press releases resulted in excellent coverage: a total of 475 mentions including 285 full articles dedicated to Fairphone.

Source, bold by me

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