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Well it’s about time! But judging by specs the laptop will cost premium. My concern is the hinges, will they last a long time, and thunderbolt support which allows for external gpu. 11th gen Intel is decent but already eclipsed by Apple silicon (which I own).

And another Fairphone review on YouTube & an interview with the one and only Bas:


“Electronic anorexia” I’m coining this phrase.

I think I see a problem here very clearly, we want to innovate the products faster than technology can advance, as well the infrastructure to utilize that new technology, for example a slim smartphone with a removable battery is possible if we wait a bit longer until the graphene batteries gain momentum, but we can’t because of how competitive the market is, so what is the solution? To glue in the battery, to “hide the fat”, and when batteries will become even more slimmer we still will be gluing them to achieve an even slimmer phone (which I assume will also require the use of titanium or magnesium due to fragility).

Article from Heise mentioning Fairphone. (It’s in German, sorry!). For non-german-speakers: The topic is the EU and it’s (planned) supply chain law.


Interesting study on the influence of lithium-ion batteries on water scarcity.
I found this (really scientific) nature article linked in a German newspaper (Was Handy-Akkus mit Wasserknappheit zu tun haben):

Extended life cycle assessment reveals the spatially-explicit water scarcity footprint of a lithium-ion battery storage

There is also a PDF-Version for download


Article putting the spotlight on the role of SoC manufacturers in upgrading devices:


PocKit, modular Raspberry Pi (think: ‘Raspberry Pi Phonebloks’).

Website / YouTube demos / Reddit thread / HN thread


Is anyone using AirPods?

Unfortunately this service is just available in the US, but I like the idea behind. I guess it was never foreseen by Apple that one can use AirPods longer than 2 years.


I don’t know why fairphone isn’t mentioned in this article: Opinion | Your Smartphone Should Be Built to Last - The New York Times


Good question. Maybe because FP is not sold in US. Maybe because D. Beres is not aware of FP. You might try to update him via writing to letters@nytimes.com
EDIT: I’ve moved your post here as I think that altough Fairphone is not mentioned the topic is still related…


Here’s a video of some guy on YouTube with 14 million followers who talks about right to repair and how companies like Apple, John Deere and Tesla are working against it.



Framework modular laptop coming to Europe. Article in Dutch, links to sources in English

Yes that has been mentioned before :slight_smile: I’m waiting for it to be available in Europe but the roll out is North America first :frowning:


What could be your contribution to an enjoyable world - even for IT production workers?

Promotional video by the makers of the fair computer mouse Nager IT: “Be the next game changer!”


I’m not sure the world can be enjoyed by all as someone has to maintain the manual, backbreaking and heart destroying consumer continuum; but if each person had some land to dwell on and wildlife to maintain they may find more happiness in trying to reduce their consumption than to be looking for the next, time saving, most up to date, communication device.

Naive dream I had many decades ago.

The last USB cable you need to charge all your devices, plus the power to protect the planet.

Crowdfunding campain for the Syllucid modular USB cable, i.e. different connectors for different devices.

Discussion about this post here


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I wonder if Livio de Marchi (Venetian wood sculptor straordinario) has designed anything similar to the Iameco laptop? Maybe someone should put him in touch with the folks in Dublin…

The Fairphone is mentioned in the final episode of this three-part radio series.


From Wired: