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A study about Parental control apps on Android:


Quite a nice video from iFixit:

Your Smartphone Doesn’t Have to be Glued Shut!

Youtube: Your Smartphone Doesn’t Have to be Glued Shut! - YouTube or
Invidios: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=RCccpgposh4 if you prefer.

Mentioned/Presented phones are:

  • Teracube 2e
  • Purism Librem 5 and
  • Fairphone 3

I don’t agree on everything, and Samung and Apple’s situation is different than Fairphone’s, but there are some interesting thoughts in this video about phones delivered without chargers:

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Ok, I stopped after 3 min. His reasoning is stupid.

You should watch until the end, there are a few interesting things there…

Ok and what would that be?

The fact Apple removes the charger but adds a cable which is not compatible with their previous ones, for example…


As I said, I don’t think his arguments work the same with Fairphone. He’s talking about flagships and new trends in general. Fairphone could do what they did because they used standard cables and chargers and didn’t offer fast charging in a new way. As @Antoine writes, one of the problems with Apple is when you don’t give a charger but force most people to buy one since they are not compatible with the previous phones they sold. And in this regard, the arguments about packaging and delivery are quite interesting.
Where the arguments lack some insight, in my opinion, is when he only takes packaging and shipping in consideration, and not plastic waste, as many people already have a working USB charger/cable that would be compatible with most phones.


Wouldn’t it be the best solution for sustainability and the user to make the charger and the headphones optional? You could just tick a box, if you want them or not. Maybe make it cost 1€ each to give an incentive to not take the charger or the headphones if you don’t need them. This way the company would make it clear that they try to save resources and energy and not to make money.

In that case I would make them cost at least 30€ each, which is a fair price and would be a good incentive not to take them if not needed :wink:

But the Lightning plug is used by Apple for their phones since more than eight years. So every Apple user has a working charger and cable already. And packing a USB-A cable into the Box would have been completely useless, as USB-C is the current standard.

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I remember I once read an English article where some guy who usually reviews smartphone for a magazine or online smartphone site was using the Fairphone 3 as his main phone for a longer period of time than he usually takes when writing a review.

One of the key sentences to me was that he found the camera to be good enough for a daily driver, even if he has to point out all the flaws/what other cameras do better when writing a review for his magazine/website.

Unfortunately I can’t find that anymore and forgot to bookmark it.
Does somebody else by chance remember that article, too, and still has the link?

They will still have to manufacture 1 charger per 1 phone to meet the potential demand, which means same carbon emissions. If people would really care about the planet there would be a law and that law would be called usb-c for the next 100 years, which as you can imagine is an impossibility as it will hamper our precious technological progress…

In any case this particular case is such a trivial matter.

Well, the key-word would be potential.
They would estimate how many users order a charger and produce the respective amount. As time goes by, they can adjust their estimate to their experience.
In the end ‘ticking a box’ is just a slightly different approach than the one practised by Fariphone.

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Yes, in time, the supply and demand will even out, but there’s too many factors involved for this idea to be considered to be green in reality and not just on paper.
Do you believe this idea is not a show? What exactly we’re talking about here? Migrating plastic out of chargers into something else is what will happen.

7 min video of a durability test (e.g. scratching various parts of the phone, bending it, holding a lighter to the screen etc.) where the FP3 does pretty well I’d say

And that guy has 6.6 million subscribers. I hope the shop can cope with all the new fans :laughing:


That guy must be ex cia

I found two old posts of people mentioning this brand while asking a question but as far as I could see they didn’t write about the aspects that makes those headphone somewhat familiar to the Fairphone

“Designed to last”

  • Sustainable Design
  • Modularity
  • Recycled Materials


Edit: just found a modular, repairable laptop

Framework is a hardware startup, founded by former Oculus engineer Nirav Patel, that is looking to take the Fairphone model and bring it to laptops, even shipping with a screwdriver in the box.


I just wonder, how durable the so called “expansion cards” (i.e. exchangeable expansion ports to be plugged into an USB-C port on the mainboard) of the Framework laptop will be.
Since the bottom module of the FP2 was a kind of weak spot, this might spell trouble, if one is really switching those expansion cards regularly. Though the idea - of course - is striking.