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Well got to get one or two or three of these. Putting the FP cable down a peg or two. OK make it a business pack ~ nice presents for family and friends.

Way to go :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Yeap! Put in an order for 10 :slight_smile:


Inspired by Fairphone maybe?
In the videos they even show the cable on a Fairphone 3.


It’s (former?) Fairphone employees, at least some :wink:


So all this is, is a magnetic cable made of recycled nylon and with fair materials, for 28 (!!) EUR each. I have about 6 of such magnetic cables (2 w/me, 2 near bed, 2 near desk) and yes them being modular and supporting something like QC3 or PD is nice. However, every device you own you need to convert microUSB, USB-C, or lightning to the proprietary magnetic standard. And you keep the magnet in it, so you’re going to need more and more magnets (or you gotta take em out which may make you lose them at points). For example, I’m invested in the brand TOPK. Because of increase in USB-C devices I just had to order some more USB-C connectors at like 2 EUR each. With a cable with connector costing about 5 EUR (don’t need more cables though). There’s no way I am going to switch: 1) I already own these TOPK cables, and they’re working, so it’d be a waste 2) they are far, far cheaper 3) I don’t want to end up with yet another (expensive, proprietary) standard. While the idea of a sustainable magnetic cable is nice the price is far too expensive. Also, mine are USB-A, so if I wanna use USB-C on other end I gotta use USB-A female to USB-C or switch to USB-C to USB-C. Either way, sometimes you wanna load a different device so much that switching the connector and remembering to put it back is cumbersome. At such point you might wanna buy an additional one, and I don’t see that option on this page as of yet.

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That maybe all it is to the consumer, a cable, but Fairphone is just a phone. Buy a cheaper cable or phone at a quarter of the price that will do much the same, apart from the Fair bit.


Yeap! that’s where my money goes along with my organic food and hemp and linen fabric, OH! and I forgot my organic and Fairtrade rum and . . . .

I do accept that it is a tad embarrassing and painful to pay so much but it’s even more embarrassing and painful being unfair to others. :footprints:

EDIT I would like to add the embarrassment of paying more is down to the notion I should always be getting the better deal out of a transaction, I mean who wants to be a loser.


That’s great, except you end up swapping from a widespread, compatible standard (USB-C) to a proprietary one (Fairphone magnetic cable) where you are forced into 28 EUR/cable + S&H. Given I already find that a hassle with TOPK (but yeah sunk cost fallacy) I say no thank you and recommend against it.

A friend of mine did not find her charger for the phone anymore. I wonder what people are going to do when one day they lose a cable that costs € 28.

Ah, yes. Fair products rule the world. Seriously, selling a cable for € 28 is not a fair deal. In my opinion, those who buy the cable for such a high price are the ones who are unfairly treated, because they feel that it was their mission to “balance the world” again, willing to pay quite a high price they possibly can afford. And if someone else says that the price was too high, our nowadays killer argument “don’t you want to save our planet?!?” is fired against those who actually would like to, but not under such unfair conditions…

It’s not the world that is out of balance but the individual that doesn’t care about the repercussions of their consumerism. I’m vegan not because I care for the environment or the cows but as I care for my intelligence. It’s meditation ~ there is logic everywhere, intellect abounds but very little intelligence directed to that aspired quality of being able to care.

I can count the cost of a cable or the planet but the cost to my intelligence is the overriding concern.

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