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Here’s a video of some guy on YouTube with 14 million followers who talks about right to repair and how companies like Apple, John Deere and Tesla are working against it.



Framework modular laptop coming to Europe. Article in Dutch, links to sources in English

Yes that has been mentioned before :slight_smile: I’m waiting for it to be available in Europe but the roll out is North America first :frowning:


What could be your contribution to an enjoyable world - even for IT production workers?

Promotional video by the makers of the fair computer mouse Nager IT: “Be the next game changer!”


I’m not sure the world can be enjoyed by all as someone has to maintain the manual, backbreaking and heart destroying consumer continuum; but if each person had some land to dwell on and wildlife to maintain they may find more happiness in trying to reduce their consumption than to be looking for the next, time saving, most up to date, communication device.

Naive dream I had many decades ago.

The last USB cable you need to charge all your devices, plus the power to protect the planet.

Crowdfunding campain for the Syllucid modular USB cable, i.e. different connectors for different devices.

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I wonder if Livio de Marchi (Venetian wood sculptor straordinario) has designed anything similar to the Iameco laptop? Maybe someone should put him in touch with the folks in Dublin…

The Fairphone is mentioned in the final episode of this three-part radio series.


From Wired:


Ok, so there’s gonna be a “green” smartphone by Samsung in 2022…
I hope everyone remembers who got there first :wink:

Deutsche Telekom and Samsung are entering into a strategic partnership for sustainability. In this way, the two companies want to bring the topic in the telco industry out of the niche and into the mass market.

The core of the collaboration is the development of a green smartphone suitable for the mass market. It will support 5G technology and be designed to be sustainable. This includes easy repair and a removable battery. The smartphone is planned for the end of 2022.


It’s just strange, that a thing like a removable battery - that has been (and still is) standard for decades in all kinds of electronical devices, suddenly becomes something to announce, like it’s a new development.

And nothing about social aspects like child labor and minimum wages. Just the ecological aspect.

The telekom-article is linking to another one regarding a new initiative: “Ecorating

And here’s the homepage of this ecorating project for smartphones:

Fairphone - so far - does not participate. They state, that - so far - around 80 devices have been rated. But there is no list of those devices (at least none, that I found).
So, maybe, it’s up to the manufacturers to decide if they want to advertise their phones with the rating. :wink:

Edit 2:
The German Telekom shop offers just one phone with an ecorating 73/100; the Oppo Find X3 Neo 5G.


Deutsche Telekom also announced a deeper cooperation with Fairphone:



This article is in German
but it essentially just covers the numbers released from fairphone here

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What I remember is the workers that got cancer in Samsung factories: NOTICIAS SAMSUNG Samsung se disculpa por el cáncer entre sus trabajadores y paga indemnizaciones
And the toxic culture in the company: The exploding Note 7 is no surprise – leaked Samsung doc highlights toxic internal culture • The Register
But maybe they are changing… or maybe it is just green washing.


Because Apple and Samsung innovated the non-removable battery (which is still removable, just takes effort), as well as small-size, and waterproof IP ratings which meddle with the concept of a user replaceable battery.


Well it’s a good job Fairphone have the edge on Fair trade as there are other modular phones.

I emailed that address and I didn’t get a reply.