Incoming call : long time before showing contact / number

Hi, I am having a trouble with my Fairphone 3. For several weeks now, the space supposed to be showing the number or the contact of an incoming call stays blank, and shows up only after several ringtones. I have to wait each time for several seconds to see who is calling. Anyone having the same issues ?

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Hi and welcome!

First of all, which version of android are you using on your phone and/or have you recently updated the software?
Also have you changed your provider?

Hi ! Thanks for the prompt reply I am on Android Version 10 - as for the update I made it on April 1st 21. It says I am up to date. No change on the provider

So it has only happened since the update?

You may have a memory or cache problem. Do you have an SD card inserted and is it formatted as internal memory or portable/external?

Well, it might be this bug but I am not sure offcourse. You can try some solutions in the mentioned thread like this one.

Oh btw, if you have another issue make sure to post it in the help section of this forum. You might get more responses. Have great day!

@Anne.deysson Have moved the category for you, if that’s OK :slight_smile:

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I am not sure that it came with the update, maybe after… Actually I sometimes had the trouble already a year ago but very few times… Now, it’s every single call.
I do have an SD card inserted, it is formated as external. I have had it since the beginning so nothing new here.
Also about the bug you are referring to, Martine, I am not sure, this is what’s happening to me, but I am going to try the solution just in case !

Hi Can you try a freind’s sim card, maybe it’s a network issue.

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