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Hello everyone
I have been using a fairphone 2 since 2018 and I’m happy about it, unfortunately recently the telephone started being too slow no matter the resets and the cleaning i do, battery started to grant a slightly slower autonomy and the phone tends to heat a bit too much. Plus i’m having a hard time calling my partner (the only person i really wish to hear super well :slight_smile: ) and the phone tends to reboot randomly when im using it.
Therefore i thought i might start looking around for a potential replacement down the line, especially since i am afraid i won’t be able to afford a new fairphone and i am too stubborn to just purchase a nonethical phone.

So, i am looking for a fairphone 3 or 4 at reasonable price, i am willing to pay more for the 4 version.
I’d like the phone to be fully functioning if possible, or be informed about any issue beforehand. If the nonfunctional parts of the phone are slightly ruined (e.g borders and back) it’s fine.

Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?

I am located in northeastern italy, i would cover shipping costs.

Other, remarks:

Othereise i would ask you more information about second hand sellers or any program like Fairphone itself used to have (selling refurbished pieces at discount prices)
Thank you for reading this, and to anyone that might help.

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

I would suggest for the battery of your Fairphone 2 to do a kickstart to refresh the software of the battery.

Slowness, reboots, heating and (as a result) reduced autonomy may indicate a problem with SD card and / or SIM. The phone is “doing more” for some reason.

  • Begin by cleaning the contacts of the cards and in their sockets.

  • If you have a SD card make sure it’s formatted as removable / portable and not as internal memory expansion (more important info here).
    If “internal”, take steps to make it “portable”.
    If “portable”, try removing it and observe how the phone behaves.

  • If the SIM is more than three years old, you might look into replacing it. Failing SIMs cause lots of problems.

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thank you Old Routard and Lidwien, i will try both procedures and hope the phone starts working well as it used to!
In case this attempt fails i’m still looking out for chances to get another phone and be informed about where to find such items in case they’re needed.
Unfortunately i have to move on different fronts at the same time and in advance because i can’t afford to buy a new phone in a hurry :slight_smile:

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Just two more suggestions:
Reboots have sometimes been caused by a slightly oversized battery bay – i.e. the battery doesn’t sit still enough and loses contact. You can check if this is the case if you open the back cover of the phone and check if you are able to cause a reboot by trying to move the battery towards the battery bay’s bottom end. This can easily be fixed by attaching a bit of folded paper at that end.
And in general: You mentioned NE Italy – if you are near Padova, there is a Fairphone Angel in that town (might be helpful in the future :slight_smile: ).


Hi there,

Anyone looking to sell me a phone in the ~500 range who’s in the Moncton great area?

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