Icons - disappear after restart

You have to use an other lunchner now because FP launcher with “version” 1.8 is broken. I don’t have time to re-install all app buttons (which are too big) on the homescreen again after every startup of the phone.

Not with FP with version 1.8.

That’s a subjective cup-is-half-empty-or-half-full thing. I wouldn’t call it broken. It just works different than what you’re used to and that is just not to your liking. But to label it as “broken” is just wide off the mark and another testament to your unreasonably negative and sour attitude here.

As for 1.8 in general, it may not be flawless (no piece of software is), but it works just as well as 1.6 did and fixes some very important issues.

@Jerry: Oh dear, oh dear. You’re not exactly pouring oil on the water here, are you?

Maybe we all (me too) should give a solemn promise to always wait at least 15 minutes between reading a post and replying…

It’s really quite “different” to lose all app icons on the homescreen on every startup of the phone.

@kgha Thanks a lot - and yes, I will wait the next time 15min too :smiley:


I have the same problem, half of the icons gone after restart.

My question to the users: Has anyone of the people who had this problem tried doing the unified storage update that they recommended, and has it yielded any solution?!? It seems quite complicated AND a lot of hassle and time because of the backup that needs to be made, so it would be great to know whether it actually solves the problem before carrying it out.

If the problem however is this ringtone thing that someone mentioned, then certainly the storage update doesn’t solve the icon problem… any news on this, fairphone people?

Can’t give you an authoritative answer, since I haven’t had the problem and thus haven’t needed to solve it. All I know is that
a) I have the unified partition (did this when upgrading to version 1…6), and
b) I ditched the new launcher in favour of the old Fairphone Launcher (available in the Play Store).
All my icons stay in place.
I don’t know if it’s the new launcher or some other part of the upgrade that causes it. But unless you’ve fallen in love with the look of the new launcher (e.g. the larger icons), what you could do is switching to the old launcher and check whether this will solve the problem. If so, it’s an easy way out.


I have the exact same issue : since the 1.8 update, some of the icons on my desktop and on the “quick launch menu” accessible by sliding from the botton right disappear at each reboot… After reading your post, I checked, and yes, it seems that only the apps located on the “phone storage” are removed. The apps on the “internal storage” are not. It is quite annoying because I don’t have enough space on the “internal storage” to store all the apps I would like to access easily ! Any workaround ?

Anyway, I would like to say that besides this issue, the new update is quite fine, and I like the new look’n feel ! It’s nice to feel like having a more recent android, even if it juste eye candy :wink:

@Aline Do you own a FP1 (in contrast to the FP1U) and have not applied the Unified Storage Update?

Yes, I have a FP first edition, but I have already proceed to the update in 1.8, so I think I could no applied the unified storage anymore ? The Fairphone Updater only says I’m up to date, and I have no menu or options. I didn’t realize I had to do this update before applying the 1.8 patch.

In the new updater you can go to the Advanced users section and install 1.6 from there (press Fairphone OS 1.6 also if it says, that this is the version you are using, this is a wrong info).


Finally, I reduced the number of icons on my desktop and move the concerned apps to the internal storage, because I don’t want to loose all the data on my phone just for a few missing icons.

Thanks for the help anyway !

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