Default apps disappear after shutdown


I am not sure my issue is linked to the new update (1.8), but I constantly have to define the default apps to use to perform actions (open a message, a mail, take a picture, open a link)… my preferences are saved as long as I don’t reboot my phone, but lost at each reboot.

Is anybody having the same issue ? It’s not very problematic, but a little bit annoying, to have to constantly redefine theses actions.

Since it seems your problem in the other thread (icons disappearing from home screen) was solved, does this still happen after you have moved the apps to the internal storage?

If not, I would ask you to wait until the revised update or downgrade to 1.6.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the answer, in fact I posted this question after the other thread because, as a matter of fact, this issue seems to happen with all apps, independently of their storage location. But I have just tested, if I reboot the phone, in fact, the settings are not lost. It seems to be lost only if I shutdown the phone… (so I will edit the title). An issue with the internal memory that keeps tracks ot this settings maybe ?

Hmmm… Yes, it seems that Android can’t handle the defaults in your case… Maybe you can find an app, which manages the defaults for you?

I tried to install one, “default app manager”, but without success : still have to choose the default app for each action everytime. I think that maybe, the system has trouble writing on the preferences file : for example, on Twitter, I can set my default browser to open the link, but if I go to Settings > Application > Twitter, on the “default action” section, it says that no default action is defined…

Maybe I’ll wait the revised update and hope it will help !

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I think you’d have to go to Settings > Apps > Firefox (or whatever your favorite Browser is) to see default actions set. under Twitter you’d only see default actions that open twitter.

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Oh, ok ! I guessed wrong this setting… so I understand now the problem, it is indeed related to the icons disappearing from home screen topic : I was checking the storage location of my app that launch the browser (for instance, Twitter) and didn’t think that the preferences were stored with the browser… so, to test, I moved the browser to the internal storage, and, problem solved ! It’s nice not to have to set the preferences everyday ! Thanks a lot to everybody for your help !