Icons and app info gone after rebooting (my story)


this relates to something that has already been discussed (yet not solved), however no further comments are allowed on any of these discussions, so I have to open a new topic.

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I am wondering whether the new update (when it finally comes) will deal with this issue. of app icons disappearing from the home screens after rebooting - as long as the apps are not stored on the internal storage (which is far too small in order to store all apps on it).

Since I have this problem, I access all apps always via the “all apps and widgets” button - which is not fantastic but also not such a big problem. However, in addition to what has been discussed in the above mentioned thread I am also experiencing a really annoying problem with apps that require particular access data that my phone should save and automatically enter when I want to access the app. More specifically, I am subscribed to an e-version of a newspaper (which I am paying money for). Every time I reboot the phone (and I have to do this a lot because it frequently logs off the sim cards, usually without indicating it, I just notice it when trying to call someone, sometimes after a whole day of being unavailable without knowing) , it deletes the access data of this app with the consequence that the automatic download of the newspaper is stopped and I have to re-enter the access data. So I have to do this almost every day and it really freaks me out - you could say that since that happened my general information level has decreased by about 80% because my fairphone never downloads the newspaper when I am at home and looged into my wifi, and when I want to read it (on the train) I usually don’t have a good enough connection to download it via mobile data (which is also more expensive).

I had the impression that this problem was not taken seriously in he previous threads, however it really infringes upon my satisfaction with the fairphone and I suppose the same is the case with the other users who are experiencing this problem. Unifying the storage is not an option for my as it seems to be quite complicated and would delete ALL information on the phone, so I don’t think this is a very good offer.

Please try to solve this problem through the new final version of the Kola nut update .Thanks!

Hi Anna!

Thank you for telling your story (I also updated the topic title to reflect this). FYI, you can always PM a forum moderator and ask them to reopen a closed topic.

However, since

the community cannot do anything else for you.

Also this story very probably won’t be read by the Fairphone Team because the forum is maintained by the community (Fairphone users like you). If you would like to talk directly to the Fairphone team, you should contact support.

Cheers, Stefan

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