How to adjust layout of icons on screen?

you can arrange icons and widgets on your screen. But is there an app, with which you can adjust that? For example adjust how many icens per line and how many lines of icons on the screen? In my personal view, the distance between the icons is huge and wastes alot space - but I dont seem to find a setting where to change that. Any suggestions?

The number of rows and columns is defined by the launcher you use.
Assuming you use FP OS or FP Open OS that would be the Fairphone Launcher and in that launcher afaik these values can’t be adjusted.
So what you’ll have to do is download a different launcher. One I know that can be personalized a lot including free choice of rows and columns is Open Launcher, but last time I tried that app it was still full of bugs and glitches.


I use Lawnchair, which can do what you want. But there are a lot more launchers.

Here’s a Wiki for a start …

And here are some examples of how different launchers can be … you have to find your own favourite among the ton of launchers out there …


Is there a launcher which comes near to the Windows Phone design with the tiles and which might even make live tiles possible?

Live tiles are called Widgets in Android, almost every launcher can have Widgets on the home screen.

You could try SquareHome 2 …


cool, thanks alot for the many suggestions. I will have a look at the launchers and surely find the one that suits me :slight_smile:

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@AnotherElk thanks a lot!
I couldn’t wait and have installed SquareHome2 today.
The widgets aren’t quite as good as the live tiles under WP, but I am very, very happy with the screen design now!
I had never dreamt I would get my WP feeling back under Android :star_struck: :innocent:


Hi there,

Probably too late, but I used open launcher for several months and it’s perfectly usable and stable now… Anyway, I just switch to lawnchair because of the badges.

Better late late than never I hope :wink:

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