Has anyone tried Nokia ZLauncher?

A nice, simple and good looking launcher, you can download here, even if you don’t have Google Play on your Fairphone : https://www.zlauncher.com
It works fine for me, but it’s still in beta version.
Some issues I met :

  • The meteo Widgte doesn’t work
  • I dont have the option to install other widgets

Who else have tried it ? What is your feedback ?

@Moke41 was talking about the Z launcher in another thread.

I’m gonna try it out! :slight_smile:

Edit: WTF??? If you do not have Google Play, you still have to sign in with your Google account??? :open_mouth:

I don’t think you have to. If you wait a few seconds, the downloadling appears, if I remeber well. But anyway, you can still get it on Aptoid !

I tried in Firefox Mobile and had to sign in to Google… I am downloading now.

First experience: they want my data!!! xD I did not accept their policy…

  1. The concept seems quite interesting. I noticed though, that with the Fairphone launcher I can access Firefox with one swipe and with Zlauncher I need to write “F” first.
  • The settings dialogues look like Android Gingerbread.
  • What does the single app shortcut to the contacts mean? Why is it even there?^^
  • Writing on the screen is really funny!!! :slight_smile:
  • I can only select “call someone” and not “text someone”…

i’m trying it right now and the concept it’s quite amazing (of course, just my opinion).
using it, is more or less what gnome 3 did with the linux desktop: type to find what you need…the fastest way to interact with a machine.

@Stefan: I really hope that, asking to the Zlauncher, for the firefox app a couple of times, will pop it up in the favourite apps in very short time… :smile:
and yes, they ask for a lot of informations!

Yes, Firefox is the top app already. :smile:

The Meteo widget works for me, but it needs your approximate location. If you do not have a program providing location information (I use mg UnifiedNlp), it won’t work.

Other widgets are not available right now, or need Android 4.3. See the support article on zlauncher.com.

Just installed but blocked almost everything with XPrivacy :stuck_out_tongue:
Will see what it can collect and…I blocked all the Internet access either within XPrivacy or with AFWall+ so I think Meteo widget won’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the tip about UnifiedNlp : works fine now !

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After using it for a week, I found out how incredibly often I used to use apps, just because I had placed them on the home screen.

Now I only use apps, I really need because I need to draw them first. :slight_smile:

On the other hand I miss some widgets, especially the K9-Mail widget with the unread count… :frowning:

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Exactly tne same for me so I eventually uninstalled it and restored the default launcher (v2 :wink: )

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