How do I know whether the screen or the core module is damaged (white static after dropping)

I dropped my phone this morning, it fell flat on the screen side. It showed my lockscreen for a few seconds before I pressed the power button. When I pressed it again, the screen showed white static. How do I know whether this is a screen issue or a problem with the core module?

The best way would be to test both with the modules of someone else’s FP2. If you don’t know any other Fairphoner, maybe there is a “Fairphone Angel” in your area?


Unless you already tried it: I’d first remove the display and put it back into place again. Maybe it just moved a bit and the contacts don’t connect properly after the shock.


I definitely did that and did not work. It’s something I recognize from my previous phone which was beyond repair. Since that wasn’t a modular phone, I had no idea whether it was the screen technology or the core that was damaged. Now I can verify!

I got the same idea right after posting and yep, it worked with someone else’s FP screen! Does that mean my screen is beyond repair, you think?

So did you also try the opposite combination (your screen on the other one’s core module) and it kept showing white static?

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