Help I can't transfer my photos to my laptop

Hello Fairphone Community!

I have no more room on my phone to take new photos :frowning:

I have connected my FP3 to my laptop via usb and found my phone’s folders. I know how to set my charging cable to data in phone settings, but am now stuck.
I have been able to transfer music onto my phone, but can’t work out how to move my photos from my phone onto my laptop (it’s an HP using windows 10 version 20H2).
I don’t care which software I use for viewing photos on my laptop, whatever works, so any suggestions would be welcome.

I realise it is probably something ridiculously obvious, so apologies in advance for being daft, but can anyone help me please? Ruby

Hi Ruby,
Not ridiculous as this problem reported before where issue seemed to be with particular PC:

I know this is not the answer you want but
a) you can transfer via bluetooth maybe and
b) if you have the photos on the SD card and the SD card is set as external you can insert the SD in the computer. If you have the SD card as internal, once you have copied the data I would reformat it as external and keep all your personal data on the SD card.

A problem that can occur in that recorded data on an internal SD card or memory is encrypted, but transferred files may not be.

Try and transfer an image to the phone, like you did with audio and see if you can recover it and some audio from the phone.

That sounds a bit like you don’t know where to look for your photos on the phone, right?

If you transferred music from your laptop to your FP3 I assume you’ve put it into the “Music” folder.

To get your photos it’s just the other way round, only it’s not called “Photos” but “DCIM/Camera” on the phone.