Headphone Jack/plug doesn't work

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Goooooood morning to you all!

So when I first got my FP3 was realy happy and content about it… but after one day I noticed three things that where not so good.

  1. Bad WiFi connection
  2. Fingerprint scanner not working properly
  3. Headphone jack not working

So for the first 2 I will look for a topic or make one myself (for the 2nd I already did). For the 3rd I will explain it here.

When I plug in my headphone, my FP3 will still play over the speakers. I use my music the most of all and WITH earbuds… so this is a problem for me…

Hope to hear from you all :pray:


Can’t hurt to contact support about this.
A support contact form for the Fairphone 3 can currently be found here (just choose Fairphone 3 as your model) …



I have done this. Support just takes a long time haha… so then I turn to the Comm. :pray:
Thanks for your reply!

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i have the same problem with the headphone-plug (does not work) und the fingerprint-sensor (work more or less) with my FP3.
Are there any solutions available?

With the fingerprint the problem is how sweaty your fingers are. This problem is no more for me. But the headphone jack is a big negative thing… when it does work (sometimes it does) and I unplug it, my phone still thinks it is in and will not play sound over the speakers anymore unless I restart my phone.
Support still doesn’t respond and I am forced to get a refund… I don’t care about the lesser specs, but for €450 the phone must be of great quality! Realy disapointed :sob:

Support is known to not reply immediately (which is legally OK) as they are busy. More so, given the product launch. However, you’re free to issue a refund regardless (Wet Koop op Afstand). They even give you a month instead of the regular 2 weeks.

Same Here, my headphone was perfectly working for over a week and now even when I plug the Jack in, the sound continues to play through the internal speaker, just like if the headphone is not reconized as plugged in… Sounds like a hardware issue, but cannot tell much more right now.

Otherwise super Happy by my FP3 compared to my old FP2

Solved by shutting down and restarting the phone. :smiley:

Don’t think so, unfortunately:

You are entitled a cool-off right; that is, the right to cancel your purchase within fourteen (14) days from the day the product(s) was delivered to you, without explanation and without penalty.

Taken from this page: