Headphone Jack/plug doesn't work

Goooooood morning to you all!

So when I first got my FP3 was realy happy and content about it… but after one day I noticed three things that where not so good.

  1. Bad WiFi connection
  2. Fingerprint scanner not working properly
  3. Headphone jack not working

So for the first 2 I will look for a topic or make one myself (for the 2nd I already did). For the 3rd I will explain it here.

When I plug in my headphone, my FP3 will still play over the speakers. I use my music the most of all and WITH earbuds… so this is a problem for me…

Hope to hear from you all :pray:


Can’t hurt to contact support about this.
A support contact form for the Fairphone 3 can currently be found here (just choose Fairphone 3 as your model) …



I have done this. Support just takes a long time haha… so then I turn to the Comm. :pray:
Thanks for your reply!

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i have the same problem with the headphone-plug (does not work) und the fingerprint-sensor (work more or less) with my FP3.
Are there any solutions available?

With the fingerprint the problem is how sweaty your fingers are. This problem is no more for me. But the headphone jack is a big negative thing… when it does work (sometimes it does) and I unplug it, my phone still thinks it is in and will not play sound over the speakers anymore unless I restart my phone.
Support still doesn’t respond and I am forced to get a refund… I don’t care about the lesser specs, but for €450 the phone must be of great quality! Realy disapointed :sob:


Support is known to not reply immediately (which is legally OK) as they are busy. More so, given the product launch. However, you’re free to issue a refund regardless (Wet Koop op Afstand). They even give you a month instead of the regular 2 weeks.

Same Here, my headphone was perfectly working for over a week and now even when I plug the Jack in, the sound continues to play through the internal speaker, just like if the headphone is not reconized as plugged in… Sounds like a hardware issue, but cannot tell much more right now.

Otherwise super Happy by my FP3 compared to my old FP2

Solved by shutting down and restarting the phone. :smiley:

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Don’t think so, unfortunately:

You are entitled a cool-off right; that is, the right to cancel your purchase within fourteen (14) days from the day the product(s) was delivered to you, without explanation and without penalty.

Taken from this page:


Same problem here with the earphones that work correct with Fairphone2

At my FP3 the jack is working even with headset functionality :+1:
But after plugging in it’s like a timer is running until some issues occure :timer_clock: (can be 10 min, can be many hours)

Issues that have occured at some point:
Audio crashes (including internal speaker): no sound or unbearable crackle
Audio crashes partly: no media, no type sounds, but ringtone works
Headset: volume up / down doesn’t work anymore

For example: I plug in the headset at night and listening some music. At the morning the volume buttons don’t work (or audio crashed completely).

All issues can be fixed temporarily with reboot.

I want to report to fairphone,
did anybody else experience this behaviour?

Might be related to the audio issue mentioned by Fairphone CEO.

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@WePhoton I have the same problem. I’ve had it a couple of times now when using google maps with my headphones. It works fine again after rebooting, but after a while the sound turns into an ubearable crackle again. Without the headphones the audio is fine.

I haven’t had any of those issues so far, within a few days. Also tried listening to music for over an hour via headphones and it worked perfectly (Bluetooth speaker also works). I can also set the volume or start/pause with the headset. Hope it stays that way.

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Check audio settings and restart device There’s also a chance the problem isn’t with the jack or the headphones you’re using but has to do with the audio settings of the device. … Just open up the audio settings on your device and check the volume level as well as any others settings that might mute the sound.

I have the same problem. I don’t think it is related to the settings. Happened today again while cycling and using Google maps. Suddenly the audio stopped working and I had to restart the phone…

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i had only once some kind of problem like described here:
i unplugged my headphones, and no sound was with the mobile-speakers,
but after i plugged and unplugged the headphones again, the speakers worked,
so the ‘jack’ did not recognize the unplugging…

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Is there an official statement from fairphone btw? I cannot decide if I just return the phone

Same thing happened to me. Unplugged my headphones and after plugging them back in again it sounded like it was short circuiting or something. Just clicks and cracks. After restarting it worked again.

Considering wireless now, just to be sure I don’t have to listen to other people on the train…


Earplugs I can recommend as well.

I got in-ears from Alpine [1]. For my kid I got another one though (from same company), as in-ears are not desired for them.

[1] https://www.alpine.nl/

then i had once a problem the other way around,
i plugged my headphone, and the sound came still from the speaker,
several plug-unpluggins of headphone did not work until reboot of the phone…