FP3: my order just got delayed by one month! from mid Sep. to mid Oct. to early Nov

The uncertaintiy that is caused by the lack of communication bothers me the most at the moment.

May we kindly ask @Monica.Ciovica to have a look at this thread and clear up some of the uncertainty? Thanks!


Indeed, warranty always starts from the date you received the item. That’s not unique to Fairphone. You also have 2 weeks after you received the item to send it back. [EDIT](From my memory, Fairphone gives you 4 weeks. That is unique to Fairphone. However I cannot find the source to that information, so take it with a grain of salt)[/EDIT]

While I agree Fairphone could communicate better, we should all be able to use our current smartphones a little bit longer. Only in the case of a person having their current smartphone broken do I feel understanding for their situation. I’d be cool if a person in such situation would get fast lane priority, and I believe the vast majority of people would be honest about such.

Also, you don’t have to check your order status every day. The day they send out the FP3 to you, is the day you receive an e-mail from DHL (and perhaps, redundantly, from Fairphone as well). You’ll receive the item(s) next day (in The Netherlands) or the coming days (elsewhere).

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I am one of those with an urgent need because of problems with my 6 year old phone (not a fairphone). The PR machine of Fairphone has convinced me to wait for their new product release. I wanted a fair and sustainable product, I don’t want an apple phone even if they pay me for it, so the FP3 seemed a logical choice. If they just would communicate about the delay in the same way they did their PR before August 27, the situation would have been very different.


You’re free to cancel your pre-order at any time.

It’s 14 days with Fairphone as well; at least, if I get it right.
The “Terms and Conditions 2019” themselves do not cover that case. But under No 13 they do reference the “Terms and Conditions for purchase”. And No 3.5 of those terms and conditions reads

3.5 You are entitled to cancel your purchase within fourteen (14) days from the day the Product was delivered to you, without explanation and without incurring any penalties. Notwithstanding this right, you are not entitled to cancel your purchase for accessories for Products that are personalised or custom made such as 3D printed cases, amplifier and nightstands.

Of course, all those personalised or custom made accessories are no longer sold now (and since a few years btw.).


So, it’s early November now! Fairphone just sent out an apology mail with a YouTube video:

There’s also a 25€ discount code for future purchases in the mail (which I can add to my three codes I got for referring the FP3).

The reason for this latest delay, according to the video, is a “minor audio issue”. At least, I can now go on an extended weekend trip without bothering if my phone would arrive safely… :wink:


Ok … no Fairphone OS install files yet, no Fairphone Open OS yet, no recovery that can do much yet, no LineageOS yet … so, no big deal waiting a few weeks more, at least for me :slight_smile: .


This is a pity.
I haven’t receive the mail yet, but if it also applies to my FP3, so be it.
I rather wait and get a phone without an issue.
Especially because the sound is of great importance to me as a hearing impaired person.

Edit at 17:35 hoursCET : I just recieved the mail you metioned.


I didn’t get the email with the Youtube video (yet?).
Maybe it means that the delivery is delayed for some people only?
At least we know why now and I’m fine with it :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I got the email haha

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It does not explain why it was delayed on the first time, and does not explain why they got delays on getting the chargers and cables. They are far from transparent on what they are doing.

Ok, I am accepting the delay, this happens. (Although I don’t understand why orders have not been processed in the order of payment, but dependent on the charger/cable.) I am still using my FP1 and it will do until the FP3 arrives. However, I am a bit unhappy with the 25€ discount code for future purchases, given that I ordered a FP3 with cable and charger. I feel a bit cheated here, since I do not expect anything interesting to be available in the shop within the next year. Currently, we can order a FP3, the cable, the charger (which I all did) and spare parts (which I will not need within the first year due to warranty). So the 25€ discount code seems to be useless for me (and everyone that already ordered a FP3 with cable and charger) at a first glance.

Is it Fairphone’s idea to cancel the order and place it again with the discount code? Unfortunately, I think the crowdfunding discount code won’t work again. :cry:


You could give the code to a friend who is thinking about getting an FP3! :blush:


First of all, it seems, they at least read along in this forum and react accordingly, if they did not get that idea on their own (which I hope).
They could have been a bit faster posting an apology; I wouldn’t have needed a video.

Regarding the discount code.
That is just an add on and a sign of good-will, that would not have been neccassary to me. Others (rightfully so) might feel different about this.
So, if I can use it, great, if not, no problem either. (Most likely I will have forgotten about it in a few months time anyway. :wink: )
Possibly they will offer other/more accessories later, that are tempting to buy?
Especially the headphones should be available at a later time. And if someone needs them, the discount makes it 50% off the price (including shipping).

To all, who did not see the headphones so far. They are available for preorder from resellers in Switzerland (34.90 CHF to 44.90 CHF) and one in the Netherlands (39.90 €). One page states, they will be available by week 47 (i.e. not before mid-November).


The email with apologies is just what we needed, even a bit more. The € 25 would not have been necessary for me, but it is a nice gesture. It shows that good communication and saying ‘sorry’ is not that difficult :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Reserve battery (as it will wear out eventually, about 1,5 years for 500 cycles with FP2; probably less quick with FP3)
  • Different back case
  • Headphones

(You normally cannot combine discount codes.)


I allowed myself to make a tiny edit to your post so that the video would display visibly instead of just the hyperlink. :slight_smile:


Yes, a battery seems to be a good idea. However, my post above sounds a bit more negative than it was intended to be. I just wanted to point out that I would have even preferred a 5€ discount on my current order over the 25€ discount code.


I did not mention the battery, since my first one for the FP2 is still doing fine after more than three years. And buying something, just to spend the voucher wouldn’t seem very sustainable.

I know, that LiIon batteries do not age like others batteries, still …

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So if I ordered one today … it might get shipped mid November, arriving maybe end November? What are the odds? I remember waiting 4 months for my FP2 … the delays were never quite as short as advertised … and with the dogged, belligerent incompetence of our current government, who knows what will happen to imports over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, my FP2 is sick (again), the (3rd) bottom module I bought now won’t charge the battery, so the (2nd) spare one is installed, but that one has a bad microphone, the original (1st) bottom module has a damaged usb connector. So, is it worth spending €25 on a new (4th) bottom module to get it through to mid November … or even spending €90 to bring it to near new for a while (the camera won’t focus and the battery life (battery number 3) is reducing all the time) at least until FP3 is in full production …

these or buckle down and buy another unfairphone (my partner has the last “whilst I wait for my FP2 to be fixed” unfairphone I bought).

Decisions decisions …

I’m pleased the phone is more ethical than most, but it’s not exactly environmentally sound with all the parts I’ve bought over the last 3 years :slight_smile:

To date: 5 covers, (two still OK), 4 screens (I broke two, one died), 3 bottom modules, 2 main boards, 3 batteries (1 still OK…ish) and a camera module that won’t focus.

Still a handful of modules is still less consumption than a whole new FP3.


Worth a try (with pictures) …