Google Apps can't be reinstalled

Ok so to summarize you all installed manually (or tried to install google before the upgrade was complete - @therob and @vitorvasconcelos did you then finish the upgrade via updater app/manually? Sorry if I missed those posts.) and most of you didn’t have a (the official) unified storage before upgrading (wich is why most of you couldn’t use the updater app.

@anon12454812, @Techaddict, @Marco I believe the storage updater that you pulled might not be the problem (or at least it works for people who successfully updated via updater app, maybe you should instead pull the manual update files and find a different solution for those users who can’t use the updater app?

PS: And obviously there also has to be a solution for above quoted people who allready installed manually and are in the GAPPS loop. (The only humble solution I can provide is: Try [living without Google!][1] It’s really fun and gives you a warm feeling in your chest :sunny: :blush: )
[1]: Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google (FP1)

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