New software update Kola Nut 1.8.5 is ready

You can’t be serious; I never ever mess with my phone and only follow updates that present themselves. Hence I am (was) on 1.8, and now you say ‘this isn’t official’? Come on :frowning:
Anyway: although I never liked the 1.8 launcher I would have preferred to keep it, as it would save me the trouble of reinstating all my launcher-icons again :frowning:

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The same here!!! It’s really annoying to get no answer from anyone.

Here you go: But I guess it will take some time until the next version is ready for testing.

Sorry that phrasing was a bit unfortunate. What I ment to say is that - although alot of people updated to 1.8 - Most FP users were (are) still on 1.6 or lower (plus some on 1.7) and to not confuse them and keep them from troubles 1.8 has not just been pulled from automatic updates but also from manual updates and there is also no more interactive tutorial about 1.8.
But it’s not my place to say what is “official” as I am just a user like everybody else here.

I’m sure if someone who read your posts had an answer they would have provided it by now. The last post by a Fairphone Employee in this thread was yesterday at 8:34pm the first one at 9:32 am wich means a workday of 11 hours. I’m sure they’ll be back today to try and find solutions to existing problems and probably thought (dreamed) all night about them. :wink:

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Hi @daveboschma!
sure, there’s no hurry. if, as you suggest in your other comment with all the clarifications (thanks for that!), there’s a new, forthcoming installer that deals with it, I’ll just wait for that.
Please keep us updated. cheers!

I manually repartitioned storage before. I’m missing the cache file for installing the update also, I understand (from posts by jopi79) that I’ll have to back up my phone and do a manual update.

I find this quite frustrating to be honest, as when I did the repartioning and made a back-up in the way described on the website, I kept all my files but lost all the content of apps - e.g. all my whatsapp conversations were gone and it messed up my Google calendar (which I was surprised about as that’s obviously not only used on my phone - but it was very inconvenient!) Any way to make sure that doesn’t happen this time round?

Actually I wouldn’t do that (if you want to use GAPPS) because people who can’t update with the updater app and update manually are stuck in a googleless loop. (see here)

I have the same problem.

The update went normal, but half of my contacts are gone. Normally I save my contacts on simcard or phone.
The wifi symbol was grey, so I installed a random app from google apps. But the numbers are still missing.
I synchronalised my google account again, and many of the numbers that were not missing are now twice in my contactlist.
How do I get my contacts back?

Are there still contacts missing? If so I’d sign out of google, whipe the contacts data and cache, restart, add google account again, restart, download an app and wait.
If you have all contacts back but some are there twice you can use an app like Contact Merger to get rid of duplicates.

I moved a post to an existing topic: Google Apps can’t be reinstalled

So what should I do in that case?

I’m sure Fairphone is working on a solution. I’d wait for an official solution.

same problem here. cant send text messages anymore since all google apps are out of order. im really looking forward to some kind of help here! :smiley:

Hi Paul, so I haven’t done anything else since you advised against it - however I now found that my Playstore has disappeared and I can’t seem to reinstall Google apps. Other apps do seem to be working but not having the Playstore is inconvenient.

I have tried step 1 of these suggestions, not 2 as am reluctant to do lots of inconvenient things now if there may be an easier solution later (hopefully!). The widget is greyed out and does seem to do ‘something’ when I click it, however it hasn’t brought the Playstore back.

Like someone else said, I bought the Fairphone because I wanted a fair product but did not realise I’d have to dive into all this software stuff… Really hope the team come up with a solution where the effort/knowledge required on our part is minimal. Thanks everyone who’s trying to help!

I haven’t done anything else since you advised against it - however I now found that my Playstore has disappeared and I can’t seem to reinstall Google apps.

What have you done so far, from your last post I assumed you haven’t started the update process yet, but if you are missing your GAPPS then you obviously did

Has anyone had further success with this issue?
Via trying to install the update, my google apps were already deleted. But since, for whatever reason, I do not have enough storage space on my FP, I can not continue.
I would rather not install the update manually…

Hey all,

Just a quick update; we are working on a solution for the problems with reinstalling Google Apps and the Storage upgrader in 1.8.5.

As soon as we have an update (which will be later today) we’ll immediately post it here. Thanks for your patience in the meantime…!


My problem is fixed since yesterday night :grinning:, see my post here:

If somebody needs a detailed description how flash the Fairphone with SP Flash tool, write me a private message.
Please note, that all data will be removed with this step, so make sure you have a backup.
If somebody wants to flash the phone, write me a detailed description, which steps you did and whats going wrong.

After the flashing you can install the Google Apps and restore your backups. Then you can use the Fairphone Updater and all should be like the Fairphone Team it planned.

The first step of the update worked, now opening the fairphone updates says that I’m currently on version 1.6 and taht 1.8.5 is available. However after downloadig the update it says “No space available on /cache”, wehn I press RESTART it says “File not found: /cache/”.

I’ve completely emptied /cache, the partition has a size of 123MB. Any idea how to get around this? Or the easiest way to resize partitions?

Some people have this problem (mostly those without the official storage upgrade).
The Fairphone Team is working on a fix.
There are some workarounds posted here but I’d suggest to wait for the solution because most people who continued updating after this error are now stuck without Google Apps. (unless you don’t need/want them anyway, then you can do a manual update.)

I suggest to wait for the official update, too :wink:

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