[Gone] Fairphone 3 flip cover Reboon Boonflip XS2 black

I have a black Reboon Boonflip XS2 flip cover for the Fairphone 3 to give away.

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Something to read about it

It’s a generic cover for many phones with fitting measurements. It’s a fit for the Fairphone 3 without the bumper, with a little room to the left and right side of the cover.
It seems pretty sturdy and well-made, but in the end I will not use it because for the time being the phone is fine in its bumper, so I can wait for a non-generic better fitting non-bookstyle flip cover.

I will send it via normal letter mail in its original packaging and in a padded envelope I have left over. I’ll pay the postage.
First one accepting this and PMing me a valid address in the world where I can just send it to will get it.