(Looking for) FP3 Bumper

Hello fellow Fairphoners,

I bought a 2nd hand Fairphone 3 a couple of days ago and I’ve been looking for a case to make it a little more shock proof. When browsing this forum for tips I found out that the FP3 standard comes with a bumper that serves that purpose. It seems mine didn’t come with that bumper (maybe because the first owner bought it at a regular store?). So now I’m looking for either an original FP3 Bumper, or tips for after market bumpers that work well with FP3.

If you’re looking to sell your bumper or know of good ones that are for sale I’d love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!


Not sure if you already noticed, but Fairphone is about to issue two protective cases soon:

Even if those are not to your liking, I think once these become available, you would probably have an even better chance to get a bumper from someone else who replaced her or his bumper by one of these new cases.

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You might want to wait for the official protective case, they have been announced in black as well as green color and hopefully are being shipped to the fairphone hq as we speak. Or you can support this kickstarter, it’s not going to happen unfortunately but we can show them that there is a demand from FP3 users.


Thanks, didn’t read about it yet, but that would be great! Is there a timeline when we can expect this? Couldn’t find more than “soon” when scanning the topic.

In the mean time still looking for a FP3 bumper or other case.

I have an “other case” lying around to give away …

Strange, the FP3 comes with a bumper regardless where you buy it, it’s included in the box. Did you contact the person who sold it to you?

Me and my wife both have the FP3 - awesome - neither of us is using the bumper case so if you want one for free give me your address and I’ll post it to you.
Stay safe


That’s so kind! I’ll send you a direct message for my address and see how I can compensate shipping costs for you.

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