Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Looks like a forum bug - I get the same if I select a piece of text inside a quote and press quote.

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Ok, I edited it myself, the quote is now from the source … at least that works :slight_smile: .

I’m really happy that you’re making covers. while I like the bumper in general, a splash of colour would be nice, and I want an extra cover for if I want to mount it on my motorbike (I want to stick this to it and then use that cover as a motorcycle mount)

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I just wonder, if the cover is stable enough for this project or if it is made of a more flexible material (like the bumper).
Judging by the picture, it should be sturdy, but to make it adjustable will take some flexibility for sure. :thinking:

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When will this new Case be available to buy on the Fairphone homepage?

I need a case…!

Fairphone didn’t say yet.

If it’s urgent, I still have a fitting generic flip cover lying around to give away …

Well, Blaffi more or less confirmed it will be somewhat flexible, but whether it would hold the phone in itself well enough on a motorbike is probably hard to predict either way. Sturdy might “clutch” the actual phone in itself better, but flexible might absorb vibrations from driving more.

Thank u so much, but i don’t like flio cases…
So sorry i hope u find somone else who really can use it.

BLACK is coming soon

10 Euros off normal price if you sign up for availability notification
(Sign up until 21 May, use the discount until 22 October)



I wonder how long these letters will stay on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice! No frontpictures?

The front probably looks the same as the phone with the stock bumper on, only the bumper would be black now.


That sounds logical. :grin:

I find it very expensive, but it is useful.

I personally don’t see how a case like this is much better than the bumper.


Well, it protects the backside as well and it seems to be less volouminous than the bumper.
In addition it might not suffer from wearing out as easily as the bumper.
And it could be considered more stylish.

But I agree, that I would not get one of those for my own phone and would consider the bumper to be protection enough.

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Hi everyone,
In my case, I have an issue with the bumper. When the phone is on a table, it is not stable. When I use it while it is on the table, it “pivots”, like a chair or a table which is not perfectly fitted (I hope it is understandable, it is difficult for me to find the correct verb in English).
Do you have a way to solve it (I may create a new subject for this maybe) ? Anyway, I think that the new case will solve this little issue :slight_smile:

I actually agree with those who don’t see much additional protection resulting from the new case.

However, I think the main attraction will be the colour, but this will only show its full impact with the green case. This colour alone will probably be a major reason for people to buy the protective case. On the one hand because this very-dark-through-and-through FP3 will for the first time get at least a mildly bright colour option (imagine Darth Vader sporting a green helmet all of a sudden). And on the other hand, I really think that the green case will be something many will want to get to plainly express their political allegiance.


But if you’re truly green you surely wouldn’t spend money on plastics you don’t actually need? I’ve been trying to think a bit more about my own consumption, so that’s why I’m questioning the extra benefit of the cover.

By no means do I expect others to follow my example by the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Honestly, I have been trying to replicate your issue with the bumper here at home, and mostly, I wasn’t able to. I did get it to wobble (I looked it up myself, too :wink: ) eventually every now and then, but it was always at the same area of my desk, so – in my case – I think it was the desktop that’s uneven, not the bumper of the FP3.

I don’t really disagree with you. However, on the one hand we need to see in how far the case material is different from the bumper or not – whether it might turn out more elastic and more shock-absorbant or not. It remains to be seen if it provides real extra protection (I should have phrased it differently above, “don’t expect much additional protection” might have been the right way to put it). On the other hand, aesthetics … well, aside from the political statement thing, I do think that the FP3 has a really intimidating blackness all over it, so wanting some symbolic ray of (in this case, green) hope is something I can understand to some extent.