Glass screen protector for FP5

Can you post a link to the exact one you bought on Amazon please? Is it still working OK? Many thanks.

One week ago, I installed this screen protector for the FP5:
I’m happy with it (still, is just 1 week in use). Also, the front camera is included in the cover (FP original, has a cut-out). That feels better (no big issue with selfies).

I did this because the original glass protector was broken (1 corner fell apart and a crack in the center (due to bad original protective cover). The original protector is probably good, with a good cover. But because I switched to another protector cover (Tudia), I bought also this glass screen protector. Just ask me later, if it is still the best option.


hello, I was wondering about the back camera protection
I ordered one from Brotect before their protectors got criticized here:) BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for Fairphone 5 (ONLY Camera) |
And it fits and seems doing its job but already have scratches and considering other options.
Is there any company delivering via Amazon? Buying from this website led to quite a long wait for shipping. I was also not impressed with the fact that they did not include any application tools, I thought that to be standard.

PS. I have emailed this Polish company I mentioned before whether there are any plans for camera protection. They have some for FP4 but no FP5 so far.

The camera foils didnt ever detach themself like the screen foil, so those are good enough in my eyes. I use them, because I dont use a protective case most times.

Those fit (Edit: not, too small…)

Edit 2: I have so many if you want some, I can send you a letter.

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Hi, sorry for the late response, was busy.
I bought this one And it still fits fine.

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Thank you for your response. The Amazon product you have linked to seems to be exactly the same as the solution I have indicated, but as it is not exactly the same with the same name and same link I cannot name it as the solution. It is cheaper though, but I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!

Thank you for posting what is for me the solution. I bought a 3MK hybrid recommended by Meaghan which is a good fit but I found it impossible to place accurately. I was willing to let that go, but what made it unusable for me was that it made the phone smell of an organic solvent. I assumed it would go away but after a week it had not gone away.

So I ordered the expensive Amazon one from Netherlands and it arrived today. I have by now lost all of my confidence, and ability, to fit phone screen protectors. I used to be the one who fitted all my children’s phone screens perfectly, first time. No more! But a little wonky didn’t matter, it has no selfie camera hole and is just the right size.

So AYETEA is the solution for me. Thank you simonbor!

Xenroth supplies a link to another screen also available from Amazon that looks to be exactly the same as AYETEA and has worked for Xenroth, so may well work for you. But is is simonbor’s answer that has worked for me, and so that is why I have flagged it as the solution to this problem.


For anyone who wants to see what led me to announcing AYETEA as my personal solution.

This is the upscreen protector from Schutzfolien after about two weeks on the phone. It is just too long and that produces bubbles at the bottom. If you push hard on it upwards, the bubbles recede, and you get bubbles at the top instead:

I then bought the 3mk screen recommended by Meaghan (thank you!) in this packaging:

Which was a bit of a nightmare to put on and looks horrible when you have. It also leaves a faint score mark a third of the way up the screen:

Luckily that vanishes after 24 hours, and it fits well (this is from 2 weeks later):

But it smells a bit and that was starting to drive me nuts so I bought the AYETEA screen from Amazon recommended by simonbor (thank you simonbor!):

And that had a nicely bevelled edge and was just the right size, with NO HOLE FOR THE SELFIE CAMERA, but for me that was a massive plus:

I took these rather poor photos 24 hours after application but several days later it looks just like it did the moment I applied it. If it becomes horrid I will repost here.

It is a shame that I have bought all of these not-Fair products and thrown most of them away. I did not want to. If the reseller in the UK had offered a Fairphone alternative I would have bought it at purchase, but they did not, and frankly, given that they do not seem to offer a basic glass protector, I’m glad I didn’t have the option. The Mr Shield option given by Xenroth is probably the same as AYETEA. It is a shame there is not an Amazon option here.

I hope you have good luck protecting your Fairphone’s screen!


Whilst I am grateful for this reply I bought the one directly linked to (upscreen from Schutzfolien) and it does NOT fit perfectly see comment 47 for a photo of it on a Fairphone.