Glass screen protector for FP5

Has anybody applied a successful glass screen protector to a FP5? I bought a savvies protector but to get the hole in the glass directly over the selfie camera, the bottom right corner of the glass fouled against the case of the phone and would not adhere properly. It was just a millimetre too long or so. To accommodate the glass properly, the hole was slightly off centre for the selfie camera in a way that would annoy the least pedantic person. I’ve ordered one from China which has a U shaped hole for the selfie camera instead of a circle, so I’ll see how that goes when it arrives. Has anybody got any better results or is just using the phone as supplied?

I bought a foil from a Polish company and I was pretty impressed with the cut-out so I guess it should be similar for a glass one. However they only offer hybrid glass type and their shop website seems to be monolingual unfortunately

Ps. Most of the time I have been extremely happy with their stuff, using them for years now. I only panicked when applying gel instead of a usual glue but that might have been my misjudgment. If you wish, I can send a picture with the cutout clearly marked

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I got this one:

Also hybrid, it fits perfectly and was hassle free. Contains also three small patches for the cameras (German company)


Thank you so much for your helpful reply!

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Thank you so much for your helpful reply - both of these replies are really useful.

I have this one too but it slides around on my screen, I’m not so happy as I was. It half covers my selfie cam (not that I use it much, but it’s currently unusable) (EDIT: not the same ones, I have screen protectors from the same shop but from the brand Brotect)

Hmm, mine sits perfectly, and doesn’t move at all…

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yeah, weird. Mine sat perfectly and now it’s moved several mm. I think @yvmuell had the same issue with the screen protector moving (right?)

Probably a factory issue… Mine from Brotect comes off repeatedly with heat, sun and in airplane (due to different pressure?). Other didnt report issues so far and in the past on FP2 and 4 I was happy with those.

I see now that @lklaus has a different protector from the same shop. Indeed mine is also from Brotect. Sorry 'bout the fake news.

Ok it might still be a factory fault… So yours is moving without sun/heat? Without that or a flight its fixed so far…

My phone lives in my jeans pocket, so warm but not hot. It was perfectly centered when I installed it (I was very pleased with myself) but now it’s moved about 1,5mm to the top left (so the top left corner is loose and the selfie cam cutout is halfway over the selfie cam resulting in blurry selfies).

I got the official fairphone privacy screen protector. Other than a slightly sharp edge, I don’t have any issues with it. The camera hole collects dirt very easily, but a quick wipe before a selfie can fix that. Thankfully I managed to apply it near perfectly right after I took the phone out of the box.

I experienced the same issue with a Brotect screen protector when the phone is exposed to warm air from the car heating outlet. To be precise, the air primarily hits the phone’s back side, not the screen directly.
Never had this behavior with any other phone, neither with Brotect not with other brands’ screen protectors.

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Seems like my phone doesn’t get heat so often, but when it recently had to tether while I was calling I could see a little area getting lose. I just pressed on it and it was okay again.
The good thing about the protector getting lose so easily is that in case it is scratched it should be easy to replace it.

It def should not go off so easy and with sun its annoying and I had to take it off. This does not happen with the FP4 one.