🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Random reboots with (official) Lineage OS?

Right, 802.11r unfortunately is not supported by FP2. I enabled it on the APs and can see on the controller that some clients use it, but the FP2 doesn’t.

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A new one: https://pastebin.com/vgBLXNbv

Note: I haven’t updated to 20171212 yet. Still 20171205.

Edit: a new one with 20171212 this time https://pastebin.com/Sy0EHSXC

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@njoyard could you also please try the kernel I built for @StevenHachel with rolled back WiFi driver ?


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my fairphone works very very stable!!! :grinning:

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Is this advice valid for all of us who have random reboots, although we failed to upload logs?

@chrmhoffmann done, thanks. I’ll report back soon.

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@chrmhoffmann new crash with 20171212 and boot_stock_prima.img: https://pastebin.com/JLQ4U0RB

I was not using wifi at the time of the crash (as for most of my other crashes IIRC)

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Here is a new one https://pastebin.com/7GEvA7PQ

Let me know if posting more of those is useless, I’ll stop :wink:

Edit: and one more https://pastebin.com/gPviiKFp

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@njoyard not sure how to help you. the crash logs don’t seem to show anything apart from that it’s crashing. Do you know if original fairphone OS works OK for you? Would you try?

Can you confirm that you don’t run any fancy stuff like: xposed, kernel adiutor or other fun stuff?

Can you also please post /proc/cpuinfo?


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I can confirm I don’t run any of this fancy stuff. Plain lineageos + addonsu + gapps pico, a few apps but nothing that messes with the system in any way (the most messing-with-the-system-app would be adaway, that just rewrites /etc/hosts from time to time, it’s actually the only app I have that needs root).

I never tried the original OS (and don’t have any backup, seing that a LOS port was underway I was not planning to ever use it anyway), but I can try finding an image and seeing whether I also have crashes.

To be clear:

not sure how to help you

those crashes are really not a big problem for me. I was more looking into helping the LOS port getting more stable by providing crash dumps. Using a 2-month-old port and crashing 1-2 times a day is fine by me. I can make calls, use messaging apps, use openstreetmaps, firefox, a few games, that’s pretty much working perfect for me.

Here is my cpuinfo:

Processor	: ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
processor	: 0
BogoMIPS	: 38.40

processor	: 1
BogoMIPS	: 38.40

processor	: 2
BogoMIPS	: 38.40

processor	: 3
BogoMIPS	: 38.40

Features	: swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt 
CPU implementer	: 0x51
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant	: 0x2
CPU part	: 0x06f
CPU revision	: 1

Hardware	: Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA
Revision	: 0000
Serial		: 0000000000000000
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Do you mind to bring back the kernel patches to the state before switched back?

Not sure I understand. There is a backup here on GitHub before going back


Sorry for been unclear. What I was asking for was, do you want to bring back the patches into the stable branch cm-14.1 ?
If I take a look at https://cve.lineageos.org/android_kernel_fairphone_msm8974
we are back to 6%.
I‘m not shure but before 19.11 it was about ~60%.

I don’t think I will have time to go through the CVE patches this year anymore. But most of them should be in. It’s a matter of flagging them manually in the tool.



Would be good @njoyard if you could try official fpos.


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Before, you could check if you are affected by this, @njoyard.

I’d like to contribute, too.
@chrmhoffmann, you can find my last_kmsg here:


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I have the feeling that others now have reboots because I no longer have any. :neutral_face:

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I guess some Fairphone 2 users directly switched to Lineage OS, therefore they did not experience any reboots under Fairphone (Open) OS:

Some reports posted do not contain any useful information to me, so I would not exclude a hardware issue either. Bad batteries/electronics could trigger this behaviour, too.

It was clearly like that with the first versions of FP OS. After every update some people wrote “this update fixed my random reboots”, some “this update made it better”, some “this update made it worse” and some “this update causes random reboots on my phone”.
I guess it’s probably still like that a bit, but now there are much less random reboots, so this phenomenon is not observed that much.

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