🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Random reboots with (official) Lineage OS?

New Files from today are uploaded. :slight_smile:

The phone is running with wifi config file.



@StevenHachel please try to flash this boot.img https://www.dropbox.com/s/jajph71dacu3qf4/boot_stock_prima.img?dl=0

It contains the wifi driver from normal Fairphone OS. Let’s see if that improves anything.

For now keep the ini file I sent last time on the phone.



I am again exposed to the Apple router on Friday … :slight_smile:


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I’m on Lineage OS for about six weeks and didn’t have any reboots until yesterday. I used to have a lot of reboots under FP Open OS, especially in my summer holidays, while charging and navigating.

About the conditions of my newest reboot experience: I had to travel by car to a meeting and for the first time under Lineage OS I switched on Bluetooth to listen to podcasts with the car audio system. And i switched on GPS (high accuracy) to use the navigation app. This I did a few times under Lineage OS before.
I didn’t have any reboots while travelling yesterday, came back home late and plugged my FP2 into the charger before going to sleep. I thought I switched on the flight mode, but I might have forgotten it. I certainly forgot to switch of GPS and Bluetooth. The reboot occurred in the middle of the night, waking me up from the constant “clack”-sounds of the password-screen after reboot (encrypted phone).

So, to summon up: I’m pretty sure it’s either one these factors (or more likely a combination of them), that triggers the reboots for me:

  • charging the FP2
  • GPS activated
  • Bluetooth activated

Maybe my description helps to further narrow down the search for reasons of rebooting.

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If you still haven’t rebooted or restarted the phone, could you please grab the following file:


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The phone is very stable.
No crashes on Friday and today in the Apple network. :smiley:



That’s very interesting.



what is the next procedure? Can I update, or should I wait?
The phone is still not crashed. :slight_smile:



My first installation of LineageOS was successful, but somehow it seemed to have inherited the reboot issues from the previous Android version (Lollipop).
I never updated to Marshmallow as I might have lost root access.
LineageOS on the other hand makes it really easy to activate (and deactivate) root access.

One day LineageOS was not able to boot the phone any more after the device had overheated. I used another phone until I had the time to repeat the installation. In the meantime another build of LineageOS for Fairphone2 became available, which is what I used for the 2nd attempt.

With a device that is not booting I didn’t try to transfer anything with adb but put all software to install on the sd card instead. To increase the chance that the new installation inherited any issues, I wiped also the system partition. This time, the new installation did not suffer from those annoying reboot issues. It is running very stable ever since.


Unfortunately I already rebooted - sorry for that! I’ll do that next time for sure.


So it can happen under Fairphone (Open) OS, too…


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Well, mine runs for 81 hours now since last update - but without using GPS and Bluetooth, in case this matters.


Joining the random reboot train with a first lask_kmsg here: https://pastebin.com/D7tgJ6ws

This is from a brand new FP2 on which I directly installed the latest official LOS 20171205 nightly. Random reboots happen quite often (5-10 times a day, sometimes in an app, sometimes phone laying on the table). Those are kernel reboots if I understood correctly (reboot to fairphone logo).

Let me know if I can provide more info. And huge thanks for the work on that port, Chris :slight_smile:


There’s no crash in your last_kmsg. You sure this /proc/last_kmsg after a crash?

What about your su_daemon restarts all the time. Did you install some funny root stuff?


Hi, @StevenHachel haven’t come around to look into this. You could update and reflash the kernel I sent you.



Hmm, that’s weird, I copied it right after a reboot to fairphone logo. I was not sure how a kernel crash would look like but comparing last_kmsgs from other users to mine, we’re clearly missing a kernel panic here indeed.

Indeed I installed SuperSU before understanding that I just needed to enable su in dev options, but as I recall, the FP2 already rebooted randomly before that.

I’ll do a clean install just for good measure, and report back when I have something.

After a fresh install (without fiddling with funny root stuff this time) here is the first crash: https://pastebin.com/myCt8DjV

And this one comes with an actual kernel panic.
Let me know if I can provide something else.

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Might be interesting: I recently rolled out a new WiFi system at work (professional access points, central WLAN controller with client steering, fast roaming (802.11r) and all that). My FP2 rebooted several times while connected to the new WiFi, mostly when making configuration changes to the access points: Change a setting at the APs -> FP2 reboots. This should not happen under any circumstances, no matter what.

I’m not on LineageOS, but on FPOS (17.12.1). I think there is something seriously wrong with the FP2’s WLAN driver.


I am with you, the operating system should not crash at all.

Although the driver could support 802.11r, it is not confirmed in the Fairphone 2 specification.

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