Frequent "critical camera error"

In my FP2, there is something wrong with either the camera module, the mainboard, the software, or a combination of all of these; frequently when I open the camera, I don’t see the camera picture but a black screen (with the normal camera controls though) and messages like “critical camera error” or “camera connection lost” (first in OpenCamera, the second in the Camera app included in FP Open OS). I removed and reattached the camera module, and it has continued even after completely reinstalling FP Open OS (not just factory rest, full reinstallation). I can’t reproduce it at the moment (indoors), but it happened quite frequently last weekend when I was on a city trip (where I mostly (tried to) use(d) the camera outside in 5-10°C, so maybe it’s related to the temperature?

I’ve seen a similar issue described here: Error critical camera: is to unscrew really the certain solution?
But it’s not the same issue as in my case: for me, the error doesn’t always happen; when it occurs, it occurs for about 2 to 5 times when starting and stopping the camera; afterwards it starts working all by itself, I don’t need to open the phone and unscrew and reattach the camera module, or even press the phone where the camera module is located.

This other post looks most similar: Rear camera: serious camera error
There it seems to be fixed by tightening the screws, I will try that.

Haven’t looked at that one yet: 🇩🇪 Neues FP2 - "Keine Verbindung zur Kamera möglich" / Fairphone 2 & Camera error
I’ll only try it as a last resort…

Oh and just saw this collection of other issues: Camera Error: Can’t connect to the camera
So this happening occasionally seems not too uncommon?

I have the same issue. I have realized that when in battery save mode it happens more.
I unscrew the camera module and screw it back again as Fairphone suggest and that kind of solved it but later it started happening again

Could be that there is a connection, I often have battery save mode enabled.
I will keep an eye out for that, whether it occurs more often then!

Why that?

Read through my post #77 there, up to now (for almost ten months) this approach solved the problem permanently!

And by the way I suppose the rather cheaply executed potential equalization contacts (just tinned instead of gold plated) between the display module and the rest of the phone are responsible for quite some other problems with FP2!

Some days ago I solved the issue. I opened the fairphone and took the camera module and cleaned with pure alcohol and a cloth the connections. Then assemble everything back again I haven’t had the issue anymore.


It is definitely best to clean contacts with alcohol whenever they’ve been apart - those pogo pins are quite sensitive to grease and dust. Solves a lot of screen issues too. The new Fairphone should come with a little bottle of isopropyl alcohol and some cotton buds instead of a screwdriver!

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