Error critical camera: is to unscrew really the certain solution?

Recently the smartphone FP2 gives in continuous way “error critical camera.” The app of system therefore it doesn’t work. I have tried to install other app devoted to the camera but the result it is the same one. I have read the answers various dates to whom has introduced the same problem. Honestly to unscrew the camera I don’t have the proper equipment and I don’t materially know as to do. How can I resolve?

You only need a Phillips #0 Screwdriver.
Taking the camera out is super easy, just try it.

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Hi Paula,
One problem I’ve noticed is that the IFixit steps are for the transparent covers. If Freddy, like myself, has the 2017 model (choice of 4 colours) then my question would be “How do I get access to the blue switches?”. Does the black screen surround come off? If so, how?
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You can just pry open the cover at a corner using your fingernails or a guitar pick to lift the ‘coloured’ part. After opening the back cover the black rim can be easily pulled off the phone.


Youtube is your friend (sometimes) …

Ok, it is about upgrading, but it nicely shows how to disassamble everything with the new slim cover :wink: .


In reality I have purchased my FP2 around five months ago. I have tried to make the reboot and to make it divide in provisional formality. But the message “critical error of the camera” it stays. Then the proposals of substitution of the physical camera it has a logic only if there is the coverage of the guarantee. To this point I will contact the support post sale.

Since it seems like an intermittent contact problem, I’ve found it often can be solved by squeezing the phone at the position of the camera: index finger on camera lens, thumb on front of phone and press hard. But I have also had to unscrew and re-insert the camera. It’s very annoying and quite frequent with my FP2.

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