FP4 - very privacy-friendly custom ROM iodéOS

Just realized, that sometimes (not always) I don’t receive SMS. I was wondering what might cause this. I checked the APN settings, which seem to be ok. So far I have some possible ideas:

  1. I’m using Signal for my SMS handling, but never tried it before.
  2. MicroG, never had it either installed before. Maybe its not forwarding some specific message correctly?

The problem is especially keeping me from setting up my banking-app, which wants to send me an Login-ID, so that they see, that my Nr is correct…
After a while there is always this message saying: couldn’t send the message. That’s why I think MicroG could be a problem.

You could use the ‘ordinary’ app for SMS instead of Signal.
Signal uses data for SMS and the ordinary app doesn’t.

not it doesn’t. it sends SMS the same way any other SMS client does, along actual Signal messages that do use data.


Only if the contact has also a signal account, otherwise it acts as SMS client and use gsm network


But even then you can switch between SMS and Signal protocol by long pressing the “Send” button :slight_smile:


Extremly difficult to get to recovery:

My F2 broke in a bicycle accident, so I got the only FP4 in a shop nearby yesterday. On FP2 I’d tried many OS and stayed on LOS. when I came across iodé OS it seemed exaclty what I need. I followed the instructions after one boot in horrible Google android to unlock bootloader. Flashing seemed to work fine, but it took me hours to get to recovery mode:

“Volume up+Power” did nothing at all. For a while I had a loop between boot logo and Faiphones warning message about an unlocked bootloader. From booltloader mode I allways got back to the same mode when I choosed Recovery on the top menu After hours and several times reflashing recovery and erasing everything, I reached recovery mode with executing “fastboot reboot fp4-iodeOS-recovery.img”. All the rest was easy and everything seems to work fine (beside ugly trebuchet launcher).

Thanks for your work and your support !


actual guide

Its one of the best launcher

My easy solution: :slightly_smiling_face:


Update concerning the OEM unlock option:
I did the Update 3.0->3.1 yesterday. Since then it’s possible to unlock the OEM option in delevoper settings again. I did not check it directly before the update. Anyway it’s available again.
Do you think it’s worth resetting the phone and trying to lock the bootloader?

Hi. I saw that Iodé has some really nice things like the ad blocker and A12 and I’m interested in trying it. But I have some concerns. Can I go back to Fairphone OS with no Problems (everything works like google play services) or is that not possible?
Thanks for your help.

You can go back however as Iode uses their own avb custom keys you would have to delete them, and it might make a a bit more difficult… Whatever you do be very careful with locking the bootloader, currently its very easy to brick the FP4… There are several Posts around this here in the forum

Can’t I just let the Bootloader unlocked? Because I wouldnt have a that big risk to brick the FP4. And is iode compatible with the ultra wide angle camera?

Yes it can stay unlocked and no as far as I know, accept e/OS no Custom Rom can currently use wide angle, discussed here in detail

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Today a wiki “Apps compatible with iodéOS” was started. Have fun with it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Since my last post, the apps list has been filled quite well. :slightly_smiling_face:

How to setup an iodé phone to protect your child?

Our latest update (iodéOS 3.2) provides great new functionalities to protect your kids on their phone.
You don’t want your kids to play a certain game? You want Facebook or TikTok completely out of their phone? Set a password, a few restrictions from the iodé blocker, and consider it done.

IodéOS is now completely open source ! :tada:


With the new version iodéOS 3.3 yes! :slightly_smiling_face: It will be out soon:

It is solved with open camera app (OC):


and build instructions are written now…

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