FP4 - very privacy-friendly custom ROM iodéOS

New beta out in the wild:

lineage sources synced
embedded apps have been updated
a few bugs fixed


I installed the 3.0 Update yesterday, was able to fix the Bluetooth problem and now everything works fine.
I’ve got one question though: I can’t change the accent color in settings/backgrounds. It is only possible to change the wallpaper and enable/disable dark theme. The accent color is chosen automatically by the system. Is that normal/wanted in iodéOS? Isn’t there a way to change this color? Or to change the style of the buttons in the status bar?

Not possible. Accent color is defined by background color.

Iode is LOS based. And it is not available in LOS.
Calyx has it, but they are AOSP based and LOS oriented.

And only the accent color. Buttons cannot be manipulated.

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Oh, okay, what a pity. Thats quite a downstep from 2.4 (Android 11).
Thank you for the fast reply, FairphoneHulk.

There is another question, that came to mind: Where can I find the changelog for iodéOS? Couldn’t find it on iode.tech, github, gitlab or anywhere else. What am I missing? Where is it?

CalyxOS is Lineage based as well and there is no way to change the accent color there either:

@alesch Change the background to a monochrome one (like I did) and the interface will get a lot less anoyingly colorful :smirk:

I hate to disagree, but the makers of CalyxOS insist to be based on AOSP.


You are right, should have read the docs, my bad :see_no_evil:

I assumed it’s Lineage based because I’ve seen all the patches and stuff on their gerrit they pull in from LOS…
…well you learn something new every day :smirk:


OK, i don’t use calyx, and couldn’t test the accent colors.
I thought I’ve read in their channel, that they’ve implemented it, took it from AOSP. But it seems, they don’t…

Not on git
Only on matrix channel, if Vincent is writing there the changes…

Or here, if I copy it to this thread :wink:
Like done in the past…

there’s a (paid) app that lets you change Material You colour accents, although I haven’t tried it myself.

This is quite annoying. I know this is an FP4 thread, but the lack of changelog makes me ask myself with every update (yesterday on FP3 from 2.4 to 2.5): do I need this? What have they changed? Is this really an OS which is trustworthy?

Why the hell can’t they write it down, it’s a question of transparency. I know their argumentation: they want to put their time into development and not into documentation. They just link to the LineageOS-changelog, at least for the FP3.

But they build an OS which they call privacy-friendly and fail in being transparent.

I’m sorry for being OT, I’ll stop here.

I understand your point and think due to the fact that updates are coming around every 2 month, you need it in case you want the most recent securiry patches…

I think, the best is, you ask themselves


At the weekend I updated iodeOS V2.5 to V3 Over the Air (OTA) with no issues. All my data was intact, only the bluetooth cache needed to be cleared to enable bluetooth. The only extra work was ensuring I backed up my SD Card as Android 12 insists on reformatting my SD Card before I can use it.

Nice work iode, thank you!


A quick update on the iodéOS updater (also posted in the iodéOS forum):

Updated Over the Air (OTA) from V3.0 to V3.1. No data loss, no issues seen so far, smooth update. Used WiFi to download. Biggest imeadiate improvement, which may be a placebo, was the perceived improvement of the quality of the pictures using the Open Camera app. Probably loads of improvements I have just not noticed yet.

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Installed iodéOS yesterday. So far everything works flawless. :tada:

I’m just curious why I did not receive the 3.1 Update over the Updater? Is it rolled out in waves? Any ideas?

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Must intall the beta updater

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Ah, now I got it. Thx!

I need my fp4 as a daily driver, so I think I prefer to wait for the next stable release.

Betas are in 99% as stable as the betas
I used only betas and had never problems