✏ FP4 - Guides for customising Fairphone OS

This is a collection of guides for customising Fairphone OS on FP4.
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Unlock bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader will erase all your data.

Follow the instructions here: fairphone.com - FP4. Manage the bootloader.

Short version

  1. Get your bootloader unlocking code here:
    fairphone.com - Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 4
  2. Enable USB-Debugging
  3. Reboot to fastboot mode with adb reboot bootloader.
  4. Unlock the bootloader with fastboot flashing unlock.


Custom recovery

Alternative app stores


Download from f-droid.org.

If your FP is rooted, you can install the Magisk module F-Droid Privileged Extension from within Magisk to let F-Droid install, update and remove applications on its own.

Aurora Store

Download from auroraoss.com or F-Droid.

If your FP is rooted, you can install the install Magisk module AuroraServices from within Magisk to let Aurora Store install, update and remove applications on its own.


Alternative apps

Open Source apps

Forum discussion about different camera apps

Google Camera
Forum topic

Download from GCam Hub and take the Snapcam version.
Try this workaround if you have Google Photos disabled.

System tweaks

Hide Google search bar

Forum topic

You can’t disable the search bar in the default launcher Quickstep,
but you can install another launcher which doesn’t contain the search bar and set it as default.
For example, Lawnchair from the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository.

Set hidden options in Android

Try SystemUI Tuner (Play Store) to do things like showing clock seconds or hiding the VPN icon.