FP4 Battery life

That’s very demanding and presumably they mean charging to 100% and then letting the phone die.

Sounds a bit of a pain.

So you run the phone on a simple OS no WhatsApp etc. and try and run the battery down, by leaving it on the table for a few weeks ~ OK you can make phone calls but it will still take a long and your post indictates you did that in maybe less than a day ??

So did you have a screen shot of battery drain from when you carried out their ‘instructions’ to when it was completely depleted.

I get they are busy.

So considering my query about sending them enough detail, you may want to send out a request for help to rae via the @ option. You can probably private message rae with your support ticket number.

So presumably a) the phone is working and b) you still have this unexplained drain.

All the best.

Yes Barcelona is not down the end of the road and round the corner. :frowning:

Hi, here it is an update of the issue:
12 April: I opened the support request
20 April: they send me a response asking me for information
21 April: I responded sending what they had demanded
17 May: I called - they told me they will take a look to it inmediately
17 May: they answer me with new test to do (see below)
18 May: I respond with all they were demanding

Now I’m waiting for a new answer (let’s hope it is not a month) - but I have the FP4 on my desk (after a factory reset I don’t want to configure again if I have to send it back)

Hope this information helps

Please perform the following instructions and use your Fairphone 4 for a few days before evaluating the battery performance again:

Also, keep in mind that after a software update the operating system could take some time to adjust to the new settings, as some services might be updated only after being used. This might temporarily impact your battery life. If the battery issues persist after 1 week from the update, please follow the below steps.

1. Identify apps that are draining battery:

You can easily check which apps are consuming more battery in the Settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.
  2. On the top right side of the screen, tap the More Options menu (three vertically aligned dots) > and tap Battery usage. You will see a graph and list of all the apps draining your battery.
  3. Take a screenshot(s) of what you see on the screen.

2. Install pending app updates

Make sure to install app updates. After a software update, apps might need to be updated too.
To check for updates:

  1. Connect your phone to stable Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to the Play Store.
  3. Tap on your user profile picture located on the top right side of the screen.
  4. Tap on My apps & games.
  5. If you see it, tap on the green button saying Update all to update all the apps at once, or select the Update button next to the name of each app to update them individually.

3. Safe mode

To exclude the possibility of a corrupted third-party software, reboot your Fairphone 4 in Safe mode.
To verify if there is an issue, it is essential that you use the phone in Safe Mode for a full battery cycle (even if 3rd party apps don’t work!):

  1. Charge your device above 95%.
  2. Reboot in Safe mode.
  3. Go to Settings > Battery > on the top right side of the screen tap the More Options menu (three vertically aligned dots) > tap** Battery usage** > tap again on the More Options menu > tap on Show full device usage. Take a screenshot(s).
  4. Use your phone in Safe mode until the charge drops below 10%.
  5. Go to Settings > Battery > on the top right side of the screen tap the More Options menu (three vertically aligned dots) > tap Battery usage > tap again on the More Options menu > tap on Show full device usage. Take a screenshot(s).

4. Final step

Send me all the screenshot(s) you took and let me know your feedback.

Once you performed all the previous steps, please come back to me with the results. I will wait for your reply.

Painful :cry:

By the way today is the 20th May ??

Yes, sorry, it was the 17th and 18th.
I’ve edited the comment. Thanks

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If this was mentioned before, my apologies.

I am using iodeOS, V2.5 and now V3, on my FP4. A feature is the ability to automatically limit the charge (I use 85% max charge) and it will also allow you to plug the phone in to a charger/USB port and only trigger a charge when the battery falls to a user defined limit (I use 60%). My bootloader is relocked and the OS still allows this functionality. :grinning:


This question was also moved, so I’ll ask it in this topic as well:

“What is the difference in everyday battery life between a Fairphone with 6 GB RAM compared to a Fairphone with 8 GB RAM?
I understand that the one with 8 GB RAM always has 256 GB storage.”

The amount of power RAM consumes is only a small fraction of the total power consumed by the entire device. If you intend to make heavy use of the device, play games and multitask a lot then 8GB of RAM might actually slightly increase your battery life since your device needs to swap less (moving data from/to RAM to storage if the RAM is full), and swapping costs you some battery life.

Smartphones have been around for over a decade now and I am yet to encounter a phone that died to heavy rain, even before IP ratings became common. The FP4 has an IP54 rating, so should be fine even in heavier rain :slight_smile:


How do I compare the fairphone (with it’s battery life / RAM consumption) to let’s say, my current phone, the iPhone SE 2020?
I have no idea where to begin, because of all the different aspects.

On the Fairphone site I can also not find how long a Fairphone should last on 1 accu / battery cycle BTW.

Well first you will want to consider the ages of the batteries.
If they are the same age and can hold a full capacity then once you know that you can run each phone on a high load, maybe watch the same movie on each device and see how much charge you have left.

Be sure to disable bluetooth, NFC, and multiple networking options. Ideally put into aeroplane mode on both and use Wi-Fi at the same physical distance.

There will always be things unaccounted for so you may want to watch three movies or more under the same conditions.

It really depends on many factors such as signal strength, display brightness, background syncs, app usage, temperature of the phone, etc.

I’m sure you have a better experience with your/any iPhone, since they perform beter than most Android phones in terms of battery life. RAM is not a problem at all, 6/8GB is pretty overkill already. Comparing a Fairphone to an iPhone or other high end brands is difficult. You buy a Fairphone mostly to support the ideals of transitioning the industry towards a more fair and sustainable path. A one-on-one comparison that doesn’t take the sustainable/fair practices of Fairphone into account will basically always favor the high end brands.

That’s the criteria I use too :slight_smile:

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Without this, I wasn’t researching the (fair)phone at all.
It’s just that I have my ‘routines’. As far as I can tell I will not be able to do lots of things with a Fairphone that I can do with my iPhone SE (2020).
I would like to have a fairer phone, but I’m someone who ‘microstresses’ a lot.

The more I research it, the more I think it’s not a good fit for me.


How can we have a fair phone in a (monetary) system that’s inherently unfair?

I do not want to go offtopic again, but what will Fairphone do if everyone that wants a fairphone already has a fairphone?

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That’s a question for FP to answer :slight_smile:

You can give FP a try, you can return the phone if it’s not to your liking. The phone is usable. I just don’t want to give you a rainbow story. The reality is that any Android phone will be a downgrade when it comes to the battery life of an iPhone. So it may not be a specific Fairphone issue. My previous phone had a very small battery and thus wasn’t much better either.


Thank you for your answer.

At the moment I have to recharge my phone during the day, but the accu / battery is at max 93%, because it’s 26 months old. I have had 515 full charge cycles with it.
So, I’m not in a hurry in replacing it.
The reason is that I’m researching the Fairphone, is because there aren’t a lot of phones that interest me at the moment and the Fairphone does interest me.

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You are correct, nothing is fair, what is fair?

The point is that it is fairer to the people who are working in the mines and factories, if you don’t want to support that then the Fairphone is not for you or most people it seems. :cry:

Night time battery usage has been totally different today. Almost a flat line. I removed a few apps. But it was also a cooler night. So not sure if it was the temperature or some app misbehaving. It still drains pretty fast though.

But idle usage is much more solid now. So this was not a Fairphone issue per se. Just an Android one since apparently some apps can drain the phone, even when not used. I’d expected that battery optimization would kick in for things like that. App not used much but constantly doing stuff in the background? Lower the frequency that app can wake up and when it does, group the activity with other apps.

I’m aware of this.
However, discussing that topic here, would go way beyond the scope of this topic.

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Hi everyone.

I wanted to report on my late experience. I’ve been spending 3 weeks in a relatively remote location for the vacations and experienced high battery drain, even in sleep mode whereas I previously experienced very satisfying battery life running LOS 19.1

Indeed from a 1-2% drain overnight without disabling anything, I went down to about 1,5 -2% per hour with WiFi disabled, Bluetooth disabled and a ton of apps I deleted trying to identify the culprit.
Of course the native battery monitoring of Android revealed itself to be useless.

I finally got to find out that the culprit was a less than average cellular data network. I spent indeed the whole time with stable 2 bars of 4G which it appears was exaggeratedly demanding for the battery. I soon as I came home I retrieved my expected autonomy.

Has anyone experienced this ? Is it the expected behaviour for all devices or could be a badly optimised handling of data network ?

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It does make sense that if you have a poor network signal the phone will transmit at a higher level of power.

Still 2 bars with such a drain of 2% per hour is still 50 hours and over two days so that seems reasonable or three days at 1.5% per hour ??

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Phone will also more often search for a better cell or change back and forth, with a great impact.
All phones are prone to this.