🇩🇪 FP3 WLAN/Wifi Problems

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I just bought a FP3 and everything seemed to be allright. But from the beginning the connection to WLAN/Wifi was very unstable and by now it does not connect any more. Other devices dont’t have such difficulties with our WLAN-AP. Does anybody know about this topic. Is it a known problem with FP3?
Any help would be very useful.

I would check the logs of the WLAN AP.

Hey have the same issues, any updates?

I solved the problem for me by buying another Wifi-AP. Before I used our Fritz!Box 6490 Cable as AccessPoint, but the FP3 definetily didn’t get a stable connection to it. So I bought a tp-link AC 1750, with which everything works fine - til now :wink: .
Perhaps the FP3 has problems with a certain Wifi chipset?
Hope this might help you, bruce.
@JeroenH: I was unable to read logs on the FP3, because it isn’t rooted and I didn’t want to do so.

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