FP3 - Upgrade Android 10 - Unusable phone

Dear Fairphone (!)
I don’t know what to do anymore! I’m at my wit’s end so to say.
Since the laterst upgrade to Androind 10.

My phone cannot be used after the update. I can’t see who’s calling and after a full night of charging my battery is 41%. By the time I finish my breakfast I’m less than 15%. Is there a possibility to roll back this update?

Welcome to the community forum.
Fairphone will not answer to you here, ad the forum is entirely community driven (the moderators as well).
If you want to reach Fairphone officially, pleade contact their support team.
I personnally do not know how to revert, thoigh I hope you will soon have an answer from other commjnity members.
I’ll change the title for it to be clear.

Hi Alexander,

sorry to hear that the A10 was obviously borked on your Fairphone.

For the missing Caller ID there is already a solution > Bug: Android 10 FP3 - Unknown Caller

The charging issue should not be related to the upgrade. What charger and cable do you have? Have you tried another one to exclude yours as a possible culprit?

Any unsual values at Settings > Battery > Battery usage (via the three dots in the upper right corner)?

Which version of Fairphone OS did you have before the upgrade? Did you modify the OS, for example by disabling Google services, or was it just „stock“?

You could revert to Android 9, but you would lose all your data. Another option would be a factory reset.

Good luck!


I had a pretty similar experience when I upgraded last week. For the first few days it drained really quickly. I noticed my 4G network was getting hit constantly and when I checked there was a problem with 4G LTE. Also I had some old Apps draining the charge because they were not optimised for Android 10. I had to delete those and upgrade or reinstall them via Google Play. I also let the phone run to near 0 before fully charging to see if this helped. It took about 3 days for things to settle. It still drains quicker than Android 9 but I am back to about 1.5 days charge now compared to 2 days before. Try and update the Apps because two using the most power for me were Google and Google Play!


I guess, you can return to Android 9, when you are using the links in this thread:

While on the current support page for a manual install Fairphone is linking to Android 10 again, the link in this posting is still to Android 9.
Follw the instructions on the support page and make a backup of your data first; as you will loose them when downgrading.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to come back.
There are so many able techies here in this forum, that you will get some help for sure.
:+1: for you!


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