(Android 10 update currently unavailable) It is available again!

On the Fairphone support page for the manual update, Fairphone is linking to Android 9, because Android 10 is currently unavailable.

  1. Download Fairphone OS (Android 9) onto your computer. Currently, the Android 10 version of Fairphone OS is unavailable.

My guess: Due to some seriously annoying bugs (though no security reasons as far as I have seen) reported in this forum and to support, they are working in overdrive to fix those bugs and start the rollout of Android 10 anew.


I had previously installed the Android 10 update when the popup came on my FP3. Then today I got the notification that the August security update was out. When I try to install that, it fails. I’ve tried a handful of times to no avail. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

Well, I have no idea. Seems plausible.

I managed to install the August update. However, around an hour later I’m now seeing the notification that ‘Your phone doesn’t meet software standards’ for Google Pay again…

I installed it earlier. The clock has moved a space from the network name.

Android 10 is available again.
Thx @HMZ for posting this in another thread! :+1:
Therefore I will close this thread now.