FP3: stock ROM available?

Hi, I just bought a FP3 this morning, in Paris.

As mentioned here this FP3 comes with two preinstalled apps from Orange (an internet/mobile provider).

The apps are pre-loaded but disabled by default on every Fairphone 3 device

I would like to completly remove them, not just deactivate them (a factory reset does not remove them)

So what I want is the stock rom from FP3. And as mentioned here:

The Fairphone 3 ships with Fairphone OS, a Google Mobile Services release, based on Android version 9 Pie, with the Full set of Google Gapps.

So maybe, and it would be perfect for me, the stock ROM without Gapps is available somewhere? Or at least the stock ROM with Gapps will be better than the “Orange custom” ROM.

If you read on it says:

We are currently investigating the possibility of bringing back FP Open on Fairphone 3.

So that Google-free version doesn’t exist yet. Also I’m not sure it would come without the Orange apps.

You may have to wait for someone to port an alternative OS to really get what you want.

I am not asking for FPOOS, I know that this is not here yet :slight_smile:

For me there is difference between FPOOS and just the stock ROM of FP3 without Gapps, but I might be wrong.

And what about the normal stock Rom of FP3? I think only the french one comes with Orange stuff, so is there any chance to find a non-french one?

There is currently only one OS and as you quoted yourself it’s the same OS for French users and users in other countries. The Orange apps are pre-installed for everybody and as soon as you enter an Orange SIM card they are activated.


Oooh, ok… I misunderstood this sentence:

Orange France offers their Fairphone customers two special operator apps called App Center and Manual Selector .

I thought ‘their Fairphone customers’ refers to the french one only…

Thanks you.

Yes sure, it’s about Orange France. Orange users from other countries should not be affected. Where you bought your phone does not matter, Fairphone is not big enough to produce separate batches of phones for every operator.


Especially nice then when the App “Orange Manual Selector” tries to send data to the host


regularly. Not only that there is no Orange in my country, so the app is simply useless, but also another tracking app integrated into the OS by default.

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To remove completely an undesirable app, give a look at https://www.dadall.info/article657/nettoyer-android

For further discussion about this approach, see this topic here …

the simpliest way to remove Orange’s apps seems to root the FP and install Titanium backup.

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