How to restore the FP3 official ROM

Hi guys,

I just got my new FP3 and I’m willing to compile the LinageOS for it. Before I start I would like to make sure I can restore my phone to its out-of-the-box state in case I can’t make it right in the first try (which is likely to happen).

First thing first, where can I download the official stock ROM to flash it back with it ? I have seen a couple of threads (like this one FP3: stock ROM available?) talking about it but I didn’t find any soft or process to restore completely my FP3.


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“We are working towards making available: a flashable image for download and manual flash”

It’s not there yet currently.

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I read that but I was thinking it applied for the Fairphone Open OS on FP3.

Thanks for the clafirication. I’ll wait.

The quote on the page which applies to Fairphone Open OS is …

“We are currently investigating the possibility of making Fairphone Open available on Fairphone 3.”


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