FP3 Software update: 8901-4.A.0021.0

Hi everyone,

A new software update for Fairphone 3 and 3+ users is now available.

Software Version: 8901.4.A.0021.0
Security Patch Level: 5th of February, 2023
Update size: 546 MB

List of changes:

  • Camera improvements
    Applies only to Fairphone 3+ or Fairphone 3 with a Camera+ Module installed:

    • More natural tones and exposure across modes (E.g. HDR, Portrait, Pro).
    • Better image sharpness and noise filtering.
    • Reduced motion blur for indoor scenes.
    • Pro mode now has a separate configuration to other modes.
  • System update improvements
    Your Fairphone will be better at managing storage partitions in the background, making system updates better prepared for years to come.

More details


Also to mention: shortcuts weren’t deleted!

Just arrived here (Vodafone Germany). Installation went smoothly, will report later, if there are any glitches.

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Got it! (VF Germany)

too bad nobody puts payload sizes in announcements, although the updater clearly states them. i didnt note the amount exactly either :(( mybad, but it was larger than 500megabytes but smaller than 600 megabytes. fyi.

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The exact size of this one is 546 MB according to the release notes.


As this update is about cameras, and I just updated, is it normal for a selfie video to crop in AFTER recording? As in when I record, I see the full view. When I watch back a recording, it has cropped off the top.

Apologies if this is for a thread elsewhere!

EDIT: I am also still experiencing this issue when in Whatsapp/Signal video calls (I was on LOS, I am now on stock). FP3+ Camera Oversharpened/Low Quality in video calls - #47 by EstherV

After I restarted my FP3+ today midday, I got the update notification. I updated just now, and the update went well.

At the first glance, I do not notice any difference in the camera.


Mine seems fine. What camera app are you using and have you. I used the default app. I’ve never used the selfie video before.

Ha! So I tried a second time and it cropped the top ??? and every time since. I emptied the cache for the app but no difference.


I think it’s to do with video stabilisation which uses the edge photosites (pixels) as references.

I turned if off and there is no cropping.

EDIT: Happens with other camera app too (GCam NIkita)


Stabiliser makes sense, but in my experience this is usually also in the preview before/while recording. Seems a bit strange to apply it after the fact

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By the way, this thread is fine, it’s not a huge issue that will gather too many replies, hopefully.

I am on the beta testing team and this wasn’t noticed so I have informed them now.

Thank for bringing this up

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Arrived here tonight (Germany | Provider: Simply); installed right now. No Bad effects so far :wink:

I think the last times someone asked for screenshots so I did some


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Does anyone know if I can take advantage of this update if I am using Open Camera? Not the stock camera app.

Hi 1999

I got no clue about the Open Camera but for me the security patch level of 5th Feb 2023 was actually the more important argument :wink:

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Well it won’t hurt to try. I use Open camera, Gcam Nikita and the default.
Each has it’s advantage.

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And also, looking at the improvements to the camera in this update, do you guys think it fixes the oversharpening issue we discussed before? (link below)

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I’ve had a couple of video calls since and it’s still not great. Whether it’s changed or not, I can’t say! But when I do a side-by-side comparison with my girlfriend’s Pixel 5a, it’s night and day in difference. Her front camera in a Whatsapp video call looks soft (if anything, slightly too soft) but clean and smooth. My FP3+ looks low quality and jagged.

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I installed the update yesterday using WLAN. Today my mobile data does no longer work. Yesterday everything worked fine. I am using Congstar in Germany.

What didn’t helped:

  • Reboot
  • Shutdown and start the phone
  • Disable mobile data and enable it again

Edit: I played a little bit with the settings while I wrote this text and accidental disabled the SIM. After enable it again, my mobile data works again.

Long tap on mobile data. Then you see a slider on top to disable/enable the SIM, it is called “SIM verwenden” in German.

I did not changed any settings

Did you check the APN settings?

I think it was mentioned already that this was not fixed…!?