FP3+ rear camera is 12MP not 48MP


I received my FP3+ from amazon almost two weeks ago. I started taking pictures few days ago, and i noticed the pictures quality is not a 48MP.

I checked the camera settings, it shows picture size maximum is 12MP for the rear camera, and 16MP for the front camera.

Did i get a mistakenly assembled phone ?, should i return it back ?

You are correct the output is 12Mpx but the sensor is 48Mps

I will direct you to other posts to clarify, Fairphone do say that too.


May I ask why the picture size option in the camera settings shows 16MP for the front camera, and 12 MP for the rear camera, it should show 48MP for the rear camera, I think ?

As the sensor of the FP3+ is a Quad-Bayer-type, there is no possibility to get a 48MP picture out of it. It samples four pixels on the sensor for one output pixel.
See the technical data on the Fairphone page


So, This is normal for the rear camera ?

I was about to provide links.

The front camera has 16MPs (Millions of Pixelsites) that are individual sensors and each is used to produce a Pixel so you get 16MPx

The rear camera has 48MPs, confusingly often called MPx

The 48MPs is an array of 4 x 12Mps which uses what is called a bayer filter. This provides an output of 12Mpx.

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Yes, that’s correct. There are some discussions already, see for example: FP3+: New camera module still generating 12 MP pictures


Please see this for a more detailed explanation

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Thank You so much @amoun and @Incanus , I’m really really glad i got my FP3+ phone.

This is a great community FP has, and a wonderful support.

Bless You all.