FP3+ randomly crashes


for over one week now I am facing this issue: My phone gets randomly freezed first and then like after ~5 seconds it completely crashes. It doesn’t even matter what I am doing, it freezes all by sudden while using any app. And it happens on any time.

For example: When I was watching a video with VLC it suddenly stopped playing. The screen didn’t react at all and then like after 5 seconds it completely crashed, meaning that the phone got switched off.

This even happened when I was reading an article on Firefox. I suddenly could not scroll down, the screen again didn’t react at all and like after a few seconds, the phone again crashed and was switched off.

A few times I encountered that my phone crashed while it was in my pocket, meaning while it was not in use and the screen was locked.

Every time I had to press the power button for like 10-15 seconds to switch the phone on again.

Strange behaviors I noticed:

  • It started after I flew to another country and after starting to use LTE via the SIM card plugged in to the second SIM slot in my phone. This SIM Card is country specific and was already plugged in a long time ago before the flight. Right now I am still in this country and when I go back to my country again I will start to use LTE over the SIM card plugged in to the first SIM slot.

  • Every morning, when I charged my phone over night this issue occurs even a few times in a row after switching it on the first time in the morning. I always shut down my phone before I go to sleep.

  • The icon of the trust agent does not show up anymore on the status bar while using an app.

  • My phone showed me sometimes a different battery level than it was before having restarted the phone after a crash.

I was using LineageOS 17.1 but yesterday I flashed and factory resettet to 18.1 in the hope to get rid of this issue. But still it happens.

So what’s going on and how can I solve this issue? I am in some kind of worry because I bought my phone two months ago.

Hi and welcome,
are you using VoLTE, if so I would try if turning off changes anyhing? Could you switch to 2G vor 3G for some time to see if this changes anything?
In which other country are you and do you know that the FP supports the needed frequencies?

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Does the phone still have enough free storage spage?
(You can look this up at Settings > Storage)

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Hi @Ookana and welcome to the forum

If it doesn’t and you add an SD card ensure you format it as Portable and manually move your videos|images|music etc to the SD card to free up space on the internal memory. Do not be tempted to format it as internal to expand the memory.

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thank you for your kind replys.

First of all, my phone still has enough free storage space left. Only 30% is used, so i think it is not because of full space.

VoLTE was indeed enabled, i have switched it off to see, if it’s now better. If not, I will try it by switching to 3G/2G. So let me try out a few days …

Right now, I am in turkey and I am from germany.



it’s me again. Unfortunately my problem still isn’t solved. But it’s now much more better since it doesn’t get frozen that often anymore.

I tried first using 3G only. My phone got only frozen once within a week.

Then I traveled to another city one week ago and enabled 4G again. Yesterday it got again frozen while my phone was shutting down. I again had to press the power button for like 15 seconds until it booted up again.

My mobile network operator has activated VoLTE after I applied for it like two weeks ago.

On august 23 I updated my OS.

Any other idea why this is happening?

So you say you have VoLTE turned on again? If so I would turn off again to test

Unfortunately it did not make any difference. I turned it off for two weeks almost. Seems to be an issue with LTE itself.

the support traoubleshhoting tool here Find & fix an issue yourself – Support indicates it could be faulty SIM card or SD card. I would walk through troubleshooter and when you cannot solve open a ticked with support

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Is it enough to just eject SD Card or should I remove it from my phone completely?

I will try to obtain a replacement SIM Card.

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I would take it out completely. If formatted as internal please read this before you do, to save your data


I there.
I’m a fresh user who switched to FP3+ because (not that) old phone kept crashing and hanging.

FP3+ started to reboot randomly as well.

It turned out to be a faulty SD card (not SIM) which seemed fine at first. But I couldn’t delete files or reformat it (wasn’t read only). Destroyed the card and added a new one : all’s fine now!


I have SD cards of 2Gb from a decade a go and have never had one fail, maybe the more modern ones with smaller circuitry are less relaible.

However I am interested in whether you have the SD card formatted as Internal or External

It was used as external only (I transfer ebooks from my PC onto it to read during commute), although I wasn’t using it explicitly since quite some time.
Photos were stored on the phone, not the card.


In my case it doesn’t simply reboot. Every time I had to press the power button for like 10-15 seconds until it booted up again. I even have doubts about wether or not it is really a faulty sd card, because i ordered it together with my phone, so it’s brand new … but I know, still it can be faulty.

I wonder wether or not there is anything written on logcat? But android doesn’t seem to store logs that long …

How should I behave after noticing that my phone again crashed? Maybe i should install some app helping me finding out what caused the problem?

By the way I already looked in to logcat and I noticed some warnings regarding my phone battery.

I would really advise to contact support after following the troubleshooting tool.with the tool you rule out common issues.

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I ordered my FP3+ in February 2021 and now in Oktober 2021 it starts to reboot at least once a day, which is really annoying.

First I thought it’s the SD Card, so I removed it, then LTE, … until now nothing worked and I really do not know the reason :frowning:

How is it possible to get the crash logs?

The reboot occur always the same:
Screen freezes and after a few seconds the phone restarts. So it seems to be a software bug to me.

Is it the same without the SIM card i.e. doing wifi calling ?

In my case I still don’t know what ultimately caused the crashes, but I changed all my SIM-Cards to assure that they were not defective. Since then no crash has occured, but I returned back to germany at the same time. So I am not sure if the problem has solved.

By the way: The best way to read the logs is via adb logcat. Turn on root debugging in the developer settings, use adb in root mode and then follow the events in real time via adb.


It seems that the FP3(+) is “crash vulnerable” when using certain 4G frequencies. Also, there was a similar case reported by a user who was with Wind in Italy until he changed to Vodafone. His FP3+ has been free of crashes since…

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